Imaginary Advice launches ground-breaking interactive puzzle podcast The Golden House

Award winning podcast Imaginary Advice has announced its upcoming mini-series The Golden House, a ground-breaking, interactive series which will require listeners to discover clues within podcast episodes and solve secrets hidden across the internet.

The six-part podcast series will take listeners deep inside The Golden House, an isolated technological compound whose employees have cut off all ties to the outside world in order to keep their work secret. With rumours swirling about the mysterious laboratory, the company is launching their own podcast, revealing themselves and their work to the outside world for the first time in eleven years.

While the podcast at first seems like a standard PR exercise, everything is not at it seems. Presenter, and The Golden House employee, Alex Carr seems to be trying to tell us something, but what is it, and will producer and CEO Gary allow him to speak out? The answers to what is happening inside The Golden House are out there somewhere, waiting to be found…

I wanted to create a game that would require listeners to work together to find solutions. The puzzles take a variety of different forms; some are riddles, some are cryptograms, some are research-based, some are sound-based.

Private: Ross Sutherland, creator of The Golden House

The Golden House is written and produced by Imaginary Advice creator Ross Sutherland, and features the voices of Sutherland, Angus Dunican and Helen Zaltzman, as well as musical compositions by Daniel Birch and Scott Holmes. The Golden House is supported by Arts Council England, Apples and Snakes and Trigger.

The Golden House launched on 7th September 2020 on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts, with new episodes released each week. Watch the teaser trailer here, and follow @rossgsutherland and @ImogenShelfTest for clues and information on The Golden House.