“WHY listen to, work with and follow YOU?” The 3 Qs of True Leaders

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By Larry Heugh Robertson

Published November 2nd 2023

Paperback | £14.99 | Profile
ISBN: 9781800817517

Distinguished leadership advisor and renowned speaker, Larry Robertson, is set to unveil his new book, WHY listen to, work with and follow YOU? on November 2nd, 2023. With over 30 years of experience working alongside leaders from some of the world’s biggest organisations and businesses, Larry’s well-proven strategies reveal how to become an inspiring and influential leader, not only in the workplace but in every facet of life. Drawing upon Larry’s extensive experience and observations of what makes a great leader, WHY YOU? shows that, despite the myths, effective leadership is a skill that can be learned.

WHY YOU? delves into a pivotal yet often underestimated aspect at the heart of genuine leadership: relationship. If you want to bring others along with you, you need to establish a meaningful relationship with them. Every meaningful relationship in our lives is founded on the core principles of mutual trust, mutual respect and mutual purpose. And according to Larry, as it is with every relationship, communication is at the heart of leadership: it is 80% of a true leader’s role.

Through this simple yet fundamental insight Larry instils a powerful truth: if no one is listening to you, no one is following you and you’re not leading. Larry’s proprietary 3 Qualities of True Leaders (AQ: Authenticity; EQ: Empathy; IQ: Intent) are at the heart, illustrated by way of easily relatable examples and stories. In WHY YOU?, Larry provides the advice and tools with which to put the 3 Qs into practice and lift your game holistically, both as a true leader and a better person.

Through captivating narratives and insightful anecdotes, WHY YOU? encourages leaders to transcend self-interest, uphold ethical standards, and create a profound impact on their teams, organisations and other stakeholders.

Larry Robertson said:

“Whether you’re a student, starting your first job, launching your own business, a newly appointed team leader, managing operations with aspirations of becoming a CEO, or already in a senior leadership role, if you want to make your mark as an effective leader and have people wholeheartedly listen to you and follow you, this book is for you.

“The missing element that most people in leadership positions fail to recognise is that 80 percent of their role is meaningful communication, combining clarity with humanity. My book shares straightforward strategies founded on mutual trust, respect, and purpose to show you how to become a true leader and a better person.”

Dig Howitt, CEO & President of Cochlear Ltd, commented:

“In WHY YOU?, Larry brings humour and insight to provide direct and challenging feedback to improve leadership and an essential skill: communication. In this book, he gets to the heart of leadership – Authenticity, Empathy and Intent – and delivers this with his characteristic insight and humour and with practical steps for the reader to adapt the insights to their own style.”

Jane McAloon, Chair at EnergyAustralia Pty Ltd added that WHY YOU? Is:

“A masterful expose of the what and the how of leadership combining pragmatic tips to enhance performance. An easy and compelling read for the modern leader:

Larry offers accessible leadership wisdom, transformative experiences, and practical content to nurture leadership skills fit for the 21st century. By mentoring, guiding, and inspiring leaders at all levels, he strives to unleash their innate potential and contribute to a better world.