Opera Gallery, W1 Curates and Anthony James present Lightfield

Situated in the heart of London, Lightfield is a new fully-immersive installation by British sculptor Anthony James. Opening to the public for free this autumn, Lightfield aims to bring people together to celebrate the unity and revival of the city’s arts and culture after a difficult year.

A selection of Anthony James’ light sculptures will be showcased in the 480 sqm exhibition space where one of the three rooms contains an installation exploring a cosmos of harmony and symmetry with 12 Transmorphic Cubes made of stainless steel, specialised glass and LED lights. When grouped together, the sculptures explore the concept of infinity and transports visitors into the future and beyond, forcing them to look deep inside the glass cases while interacting with the mirrored reflections and lights.


Anthony James is no stranger to London’s art scene. His recognisable LED sculptures were showcased at both Masterpiece London in 2019 and Mayfair Sculpture Trail in 2020 and 2021. Earlier this year, Anthony James’ new public artwork Constellations was installed across 36 digital canvases wrapped around Flannels Flagship store on Oxford Street in a powerful light display. His copper Ferrari 250 GTO was on display as part of Mayfair Sculpture Trail 2021.

Anthony James comments: Lightfield consists of 12 cubes that allude to the mycorrhizal nature of birch tree forests. Gesturing unity consciousness these geometric LED cubes all communicate with a single computer soul creating a large canvas for light to dance around. This is the first time my works have been displayed and viewed in this fully immersive way – installed within an infinity room that transports visitors into another world to create a meditative and limitless narrative.” 


Mark Dale, Founder of W1 Curates, comments:Now more than ever public art projects occupy an important place in the society. They provide opportunity for all to discover and enjoy art, they also encourage much needed footfall back to London. The Marble Arch Mound was a perfect opportunity to collaborate and show London what can be accomplished when we pull together. Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate.”

Opera Gallery’s London director Federica Beretta said:Public art is greatly important, now more than ever, to engage with the public in a safe environment. We are thrilled to see people that have never stepped into a museum feeling intrigued and enchanted by Anthony James’ art. His art really speaks to everyone: from neophytes to knowledgeable collectors. In my view his light installations are fascinating because they encapsulate that sense of infinity and divine that unifies us all.”

Lightfield is a collaboration between Westminster City Council and W1 Curates, supported by Opera Gallery.