Union Square & Co. – November Titles

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Enchanted Hill

Escape to Enchanted Hill in this historical mystery where two people with a dark, shared past collide while working undercover at a glittering mansion on the California coast.

The year is 1930 and Cora McCavanagh is posing as a maid at Hollywood magnate Truman Byrd’s legendary estate. She’s closing in on the damning evidence she needs for a high-profile client. An aspiring PI, Cora was trained by her father, a former prison guard at the notorious Pelican Island, where Cora grew up surrounded by hardened criminals.

Which is why she recognizes Jack Yates as soon as he walks through the door. The last time she saw him was on an ill-fated night that changed the course of her life and still haunts her more than a decade later. Cora never expected to see Jack again—and now a single misstep could cause both their secret identities to come crashing down.

During a week of parties overflowing with champagne and caviar, the two strike a tentative truce to help each other. Yet there are puzzles hidden in every corner of Truman Byrd’s labyrinthine estate, and if Cora is to finally learn the truth about Jack Yates, she must unravel a sinister history that the rich and powerful will do anything to keep concealed.

Filled with intrigue and Old Hollywood glamour, Enchanted Hill is an unforgettable, sweepingly romantic novel set in a world you won’t want to leave. This atmospheric mystery is perfect for fans of upmarket romantic historical fiction such as Kate Morton and Julia Kelly as well as those seeking the Old Hollywood glamour of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.


Midas organised a successful blog tour for Enchanted Hill, with 9 influencers with significant followings posting the book across Instagram, TikTok, X, and book blogs. Emily Bain Murphy also participated in an interview to appear in Writing Magazine‘s ‘First Five Pages’ slot. We also garnered interest in the book from the Daily Mail, Express, i Newspaper, and the Financial Times, as well as from Entertainment Now, Inside Soap, My Weekly, Stellar Magazine, and That’s Life!

The Wine List

The Wine List is a refreshing exploration of the relationship between culture, politics, history, and wine by award-winning sommelier Grant Reynolds.

Beyond geography and weather, wine reflects a specific time: technology, popular culture, stories, status, influencers, packaging, marketing, and creative trends all combine to contribute to how “great” a wine is considered.

The Wine List considers the sociology and the chemistry of wine. It covers 75 years that are remarkable in the history of wine, including stories that involve a rate 1920s Clos des Ducs found behind a wall built to hide assets from the Nazis and the genesis of Robert Mondavi as a “brand”.

Most wine books out there are either entry-level or at a 400-level, without much in between for audiences. This book will bridge that gap, looking at the topic through a new lens. It will appeal not only to wine lovers, but to anyone interested in learning about art and culture.


Midas secured coverage for The Wine List in Grazia, where it was included in their gift guide section. An article on The Wine List was also submitted to Reader’s Digest. In addition, we garnered interest from The Sun, the Belfast Telegraph, The Bookbag, The Choice, Fabulous, and The Glass Magazine.