Union Square & Co July Titles

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Nesting After Divorce

In the spirit of Conscious Uncoupling, Nesting After Divorce: Co-parenting in the Family is a guide for a new vision of divorce—nesting—that minimizes the heartbreak typically experienced by children in a traditional two-home arrangement, and could change how society perceives what it means to move forward as a family when a marriage ends.

When Beth Behrendt and her husband Bill ended their 18-year marriage, they wanted to co-parent their three sons—ages 5, 9, and 12—in a way that would ease their stress. They chose a novel concept: Nesting—their kids remained in the family home, and Beth and Bill rotated in and out of the house to take care of them.

In Nesting After Divorce, Behrendt offers the first step-by-step plan for nesting to help divorcing parents navigate the process. This prescriptive guide is based on her own family’s successful nesting experience; first-hand accounts from other nesting families; and advice from therapists, attorneys/mediators, and financial advisers.


Midas secured coverage in several national papers, such as an interview for Beth that ran online and in print in the Belfast Telegraph as well as an article that ran in The I. An article on the book also appeared in The Times. Lifestyle magazines The Divorce Magazine and Noon also ran articles about the book. We also secured coverage in the Baby on the Brain Stylist Podcast.

So Sorry For Your Loss

So Sorry for Your Loss is a searching, heartfelt exploration of what it means to process grief by New York Times bestselling ghostwriter and author, Dina Gachman. Speaking about her own experiences since losing her mother to cancer in 2018 and her sister to alcoholism in 2021 she hopes to bring comfort and understanding to others. Dina Gachman has dedicated herself to understanding what it means to grieve, how to live with loss, and the ways we stay connected to those we miss.

Through a mix of personal storytelling, reporting, and insight from experts, Gachman gives readers a fresh take on grief—whether the loss is a family member, beloved pet, or a romantic relationship. Grief club membership comes with zero perks—unless you happen to count emotional meltdowns, haunting memories, and inedible heat-and-serve casseroles.

So Sorry for Your Loss will make the initiation just a little less painful.


Midas secured an op-ed in the Express as well as an article in The I for So Sorry for Your Loss. Articles also ran online in HuffPost UK, Psychreg, Country & Town House, and in Best, where it was named as a ‘Must-Read’ for July. What’s more, Midas secured interviews for Dina Gachman on five BBC regional radio programmes.

Enough About The Baby

Motherhood influencer and author Becky Vieira publishes a brutally honest guide to surviving the first year of motherhood.

From the Mum behind the popular Instagram account @WittyOtter, Enough About the Baby is an unapologetic, humorous and uncensored guide to the first year of motherhood for women who recognise the importance and necessity of self-care – even if sometimes the rest of the world does not.

Vieira draws on her own experiences and interviews with Mums and experts to get to the bottom of the toughest and most taboo topics—painful postpartum poops, how to say no to breastfeeding, when to seek help for depression, and ways to manage nosey in-laws or a partner who isn’t providing enough support.

She reminds readers that motherhood shouldn’t be martyrdom, and a new mom who puts her needs first often isn’t selfish at all.


Midas secured coverage for Enough About the Baby in national papers The I and the Belfast Telegraph. Articles also ran in OK! online, My Baba, The Mum Club, and The Juggle by Grazia Daily. In addition, Becky appeared on the podcast Me, Myself, & Mum Life to promote the book.

The Tarot Almanac

Beautifully designed, The Tarot Almanac by NYC’s coolest astrologer Bess Matassa, is the perfect gift or gift to self for the tarot lover. This month-by-month guide is an essential path to adding structure to your practice and deepening your understanding of tarot.

By providing a framework built on astrology and seasonal magic, author Bess Matassa offers a method to develop skills and flex your intuitive understanding of tarot as days pass, the moon waxes and wanes, and the flora and fauna of this planet imbue the earth with the constant language of change.

Each month highlights key cards, affirmations, themes, and undated events like equinoxes. Rituals and journal prompts strengthen readers’ connection to the cards, creating a more holistic relationship to their divinatory practice.


Midas ran a successful digital campaign for The Tarot Almanac, with highly-followed influencers posting the book on their accounts across various social media platforms, the most popular of whom has 47k followers. Bess was also interviewed on the Spiritual Success Podcast with Liz Roberta as well as the podcast White Shores with Theresa Cheung.