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Sugarless is a comprehensive plan to help you kick your sugar addiction habit for good through a 7-step plan to helps uncover hidden sugars, curb your cravings and conquer your addiction.

Too many of us blame our lack of willpower for our sugar cravings rather than acknowledge that sugar is everywhere around us—and is highly addictive. It’s unsurprising that even the best-intentioned people struggle with kicking the habit, since approximately 80% of products in a supermarket contain sugar, and much of it is hidden.

In Sugarless, Dr. Avena—a leading expert on food addiction—spells out the substance’s detrimental effects on the brain and body by providing cutting-edge research on its addictive qualities, which are comparable to that of cocaine, nicotine, and alcohol. Then she provides a simple-to-follow 7-step program (along with 30 sugar-free recipes) that will help readers gradually wean themselves off sugar and other sweeteners and break the vicious diet cycle. Ultimately, readers will be able to break free of the sugar shackles, without self-blame.

Dr. Avena was the first to study sugar addiction in the laboratory, and she has authored more than 100 scholarly journal articles on the topic. Today, she’s the world’s leading expert on sugar addiction, and her findings have informed our overall understanding of nutrition and health.

Sugarless has a foreword by the 12th-time New York Times bestselling author and integrative psychiatrist Daniel Amen, MD who has a huge following in the health and wellness space.


A piece on happiness habits by Dr. Nicole Avena appeared in The i, running both in print and online. Midas also secured coverage in the Belfast Telegraph, who ran an extract from Sugarless. Reviews of the books appeared in The Bookbag and Healthy Soul, as well as on the blog Jaffa Reads Too. Coverage yet to run includes an article in the Daily Express and an interview on the ADHD Women’s Wellbeing Podcast.


Un-Addiction: 6 Mind-Changing Conversations that Could Save a Life is an honest and compassionate exploration into the science of addiction, which demonstrates to readers that addiction is a chronic disease, rather than a “choice” that “bad” people make.

In this data-driven book, Dr. Nzinga Harrison draws from peer-reviewed research and decades of experience as a board-certified physician in adult general psychiatry and addiction medicine. Each chapter includes data and compelling anecdotes to explain the vulnerabilities that put a person at higher risk: genetics, the environment, the pharmaceutical industry, and more.

This book is needed now more than ever. As the story of the opioid crisis has emerged, a new conversation about addiction is finally taking place: a need for compassionate care that’s not one-size-fits-all. Dr. Harrison is well positioned to be a leading voice on this subject, not only changing how we talk about addiction, but also discussing how to fix the system.

Un-Addiction is for everyone who has struggled with addiction, is worried about their own or a loved one’s substance use or is looking to reduce the risk of developing the disease. Ultimately, readers will see how those afflicted can overcome the guilt, shame, and self-blame that surround the topic of addiction.


Midas secured coverage for Un-Addiction in The i, where a piece on happiness habits with contributions from Dr. Nzinga Harrison ran both online and in print. Un-Addiction also appeared in Take A Break!’s ‘Read It’ list in their February health pages. Midas also secured an interview for Dr. Harrison on The Andy Ramage Podcast, which facilitated Andy’s request for Dr. Harrison to also take part in his documentary later in the year. We also secured coverage across social media by reaching out to book influencers also focused on addiction, who posted on their social platforms.

Tagging Freedom

Rhonda Roumani’s inspiring debut about the Arab Spring, the rise of young activists, and the immigrant experience.

Kareem Haddad of Damascus, Syria, never dreamed of becoming a graffiti artist. But when a group of boys from another town tag subversive slogans outside their school, and another boy is killed while in custody, Kareem and his friends are inspired and start secretly tagging messages of freedom around their city.

Meanwhile, in the United States, his cousin, Samira, has been trying to make her own mark. Anxious to fit in at school, she joins the Spirit Squad where her natural artistic ability attracts the attention of the popular squad leader. Then Kareem is sent to live with Sam’s family, and their worlds collide. As graffitied messages appear around town and all eyes turn to Kareem, Sam must make a choice: does she shy away to protect her new social status, or does she stand with Kareem?

Tagging Freedom captures the experience of kids stepping out of their comfort zone and making their voices heard on issues that shape their world. It also celebrates artists whose work fuels social change.

Rhonda Roumani’s work as a journalist infuses Tagging Freedom with rich details and a realistic portrayal of how war affects and inspires children.


Midas secured a piece on artivism by Rhonda in arts magazine Fused Magazine. An interview with Rhonda appeared in Teen Librarian and Tagging Freedom is being considered for review by The School Librarian, Love Reading, and Books for Keeps. Coverage yet to run includes Rhonda’s piece in the Belfast Telegraph’s ‘My Life in Books’ slot, which will run in March. Midas also secured interest in this title from The Sunday Times and Financial Times.

A Vicious Game

From the author of the beloved debut A Broken Blade comes the hotly anticipated third instalment of The Halfling Saga: A Vicious Game.

Following the success of the second book in the series, A Shadow Crown, Melissa Blair finally delivers desperate fans the next chapter of Keera’s story, which promises even more shocking twists and turns.

With her enemies closing in, Keera and her fellow rebels must rally after a devastating defeat. Keera’s discovery of new powers gives them a fighting chance. But the real twist-of-the-knife is to come, as Keera uncovers a shocking revelation about one of her closest allies.

This dark fantasy, told from an indigenous perspective, acts as a crucial addition to the largely Eurocentric fantasy space. It also centres LGBTQ+ characters, with Keera and Riven’s intense romance reaching a fever pitch in the third book, as the contours of their relationship help to unlock Keera’s powerful magic.


Midas secured coverage for A Vicious Game within the book influencer space, with three highly followed influencers posting across their social media accounts on Instagram and TikTok. Coverage yet to run includes a written piece by Melissa Blair to appear in Writing Magazine. We also secured interest in this title from Stellar Magazine.

Hannah Tate – Beyond Repair

A new mom reinvents herself and finds her happily ever after in this hilarious, heart-filled romance about family, second chances, and growing into your own skin.

Hannah is a young single mom and a disaster communications specialist (which is pretty ironic since her own life is a disaster). She’s living with her boyfriend and baby daddy, who is a super responsible, high-achieving financial adviser—Killian, basically every millennial woman’s fantasy. I mean, the man already owns his own house. When she finds an engagement ring hidden in one of his boots in the back of their closet, she’s ecstatic. Killian has clearly looked beyond her recent sleep-deprived, spit up-stained exterior and is going to propose!

But a romantic night out goes horribly wrong when Killian reveals he’s dumping Hannah, not proposing. He bought the ring a year ago when he found out Hannah was pregnant but couldn’t bring himself to give it to her after realizing she wasn’t “the one.”

After a dramatic breakup, she takes baby Bowie and moves into the Airbnb her mama and redneck stepdaddy, Darryl, have just started running out of the bottom floor of their retirement cabin in Blue Ridge, Georgia. She may not be able to fix her own messy life, but she’s always been able to clean up her mama’s.

As part of her renovation quest, she hires a neighbouring carpenter to rebuild the dilapidated porch. . .and DAMN. With his washboard abs and golden man bun, River Alvarez is unbelievably attractive. On top of that, he loves Bowie and her folks, knows his way around a miter saw, and looks at her like she’s a woman, not a haggard mommy or a hot mess. So when Killian comes apologetically crawling back, Hannah has a choice to make: try to recreate a picture-perfect family. . .or maybe start pursuing her own dreams?


Midas secured coverage for Beyond Repair in Living 360‘s Valentine’s Day books roundup, as well as across social media, with three highly followed book influencers posting about the book on their socials. The book is also to be included in Real Life‘s February issue and a feature piece by Laura Piper Lee is set to run in HuffPost later in the month.