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Lion’s Legacy

Adventure, romance, plus a hint of magic await in L.C. Rosen’s thrilling contemporary YA page-turner. Lion’s Legacy is a queer take on Indiana Jones, which brings attention to a fascinating part of queer history, highlighting historically marginalised communities and reclaiming their stories.

L.C. Rosen is a rising star in YA community, with Camp named a best book of the year by Forbes, Elle, and the Today Show in 2020, and Lavender House named a Best Book of the Year by Buzzfeed in 2022.

Tennessee Russo is having a really bad day. He found out his boyfriend has been cheating on him and his estranged father, Henry, shows up out of the blue acting like nothing is wrong. A famous reality show archaeologist, Henry wants Tennessee to join him as he searches for the rings of the Sacred Band of Thebes. The Sacred Band of Thebes was a fearsome army comprised of 150 gay couples in ancient Greece. Can Tennessee pass up the chance to show the world that not only have queer people been here forever, but that they were respected, and they were formidable?

Lion’s Legacy is perfect for fans of Adam Silvera and Becky Albertalli.


Midas secured written pieces by L.C Rosen promoting Lion’s Legacy in online magazines Writing.ie and Culturefly. We also carried out a highly successful blog tour, with extremely positive reviews from readers being posted online. The tour saw influencers with a combined following of over 250,000 across Instagram and TikTok creating great content around the book.