5 Tips for shooting content on the go

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In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, new features and emerging technologies enable brands to capture and share engaging, immersive experiences like never before. Capturing content while on the move can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. Whether you’re documenting travel escapades, creating vlogs, or covering dynamic events, here are five tips to help you achieve exceptional cinematic results.



Plan Ahead and Stay Organised

Before embarking on your filming journey, come armed with ideas for the type of shots and content you want to capture. Think about the location you are visiting in advance, what kind of content you might produce, or the shots you could take using the space around you. Thorough planning ensures you can seize essential moments and not miss out on any opportunities for content. Make sure to organise your equipment in a systematic manner, ensuring quick and easy access while on the move, to save time and avoid unnecessary disruptions. There is nothing worse than filming on the go, finding an incredible shot, and then rummaging in the bottom of your bag to quickly find your phone, as you will likely end up missing the content.



Travel light!

To enhance your visual results, consider investing in a set of lightweight and compact filming gear and accessories, for maximum mobility when shooting. If you’re using a smartphone to film, a stabilizing device such as a Bluetooth mobile stabiliser or gimbal can help reduce shakiness and ensure smoother footage. To upgrade your sound quality, items such as wireless lavalier microphones with noise cancelling sound can be useful, so that you’re not relying on removing background sound post-production. Lastly, be sure to have a portable charger with a durable battery life in case you’re unable to stop for socket charging. Be sure to check that all devices are compatible with one another.



Embrace Natural Light

Use natural lighting to your advantage whenever possible, as it adds an authentic ambiance to your content. If you do not have access to good lighting in one position, try shifting your camera slightly, tap the space you wish to enhance on your phone, or simply move to a different area or location altogether to catch that golden light. If you regularly film indoors in a dark space, it could be worth investing in a powerful and portable handheld LED panel or ring-light that is compatible with your phone, to maintain consistent light on your subject.



Adding a cinematic touch

Incorporating creative camera techniques can elevate and give texture to the overall quality of your content. Feel free to experiment with dynamic techniques like the “dolly zoom” effect, time-lapses, and panning shots to infuse cinematic elements into your footage. These techniques can add depth, drama, and visual intrigue, captivating your audience throughout the content and transitions. While shooting on the move, it’s best to capture shorter, well-controlled takes rather than extended continuous footage. Taking periodic breaks to review and adjust your shots allows for optimal fine-tuning and ensures your content remains polished and captivating.



Editing on the go

Your journey doesn’t end once you’ve captured the footage. The process of editing on the go is equally critical to transforming raw clips into compelling content. You can use free editing apps such as Cap-Cut, Splice or VSCO to cut content easily. Using pre-made templates and presets can save you time and effort. Many editing apps offer a range of templates for different styles and genres, allowing you to apply consistent themes and transitions to your content with just a few taps. Editing on the go requires a combination of efficiency and creativity. By selecting the right editing software, backing up your footage and utilising pre-made templates, you can produce exceptional content even while you’re constantly on the move.



Mastering the art of shooting on-the-move content is an invaluable skill for brands, enabling them to deliver captivating and immersive experiences that ultimately builds your brand presence online and engages your audience visually, aurally and by design. By adhering to these tips – planning ahead and staying organised, travelling light, using natural light and enhanced sound, different camera techniques, and editing on the go – brands can elevate the quality of their content and leave a lasting impact on viewers, ultimately fostering a deeper connection and engagement with their audience. Embrace these principles, stay adaptable, and relish the creative process of capturing memorable moments on the move.