Tolkien Estate launches updated official website, featuring previously unseen JRR Tolkien Content

The Tolkien Estate has today launched its updated official website at www.tolkienestate.com.

The website has been conceived to exhibit the literary and artistic works created by JRR Tolkien, and to provide further insights into his life and times. The website includes sections on Tolkien’s writing, painting and calligraphy, his scholarship, his letters, and a timeline of his life, together with numerous family photographs. It also features an audio-visual section containing audio recordings and video clips featuring both JRR and Christopher Tolkien.

As an official resource of the Tolkien Estate, the website includes materials that have not previously been publicized and are not available elsewhere.

The relaunch date of February 26 is significant in Tolkien lore because February 26, 3019 was the date in the Third Age when the Fellowship of the Ring was broken at Amon Hen and Frodo and Sam set out on their lonely and terrifying journey to Mordor.