Things I Wish I’d Known: My hacks for a tidy home, happy kids and a calmer you by Emily Norris

* The long-awaited book from the undisputed doyenne of mum-hacks, Emily Norris *

My hacks for a tidy home, happy kids and a calmer you

By Emily Norris

7 March 2024 | Ebury
Hardback | £16.99

Things I Wish I’d Known is the go-to guide for easy and original mum hacks and habits. Packed with honest, gimmick-free and relatable advice to create a more harmonious family life from the much-loved influencer with over a million followers, Emily Norris, it’s the ultimate parenting guide and a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

Being a parent is hard. It can be boring and lonely and stressful and it’s OK to say that out loud. But I truly believe that even the mundane side of motherhood can actually be rather lovely: there is joy to be found even in that.

My motherhood journey hasn’t always been plain-sailing. I’d gone from being a busy marketing director to just ‘mummy’. I loved being a full-time mum to my boys, but I missed the adult interaction I’d had at work and, as a result, my self-confidence took a knock. One thing I really enjoyed was getting tips and ideas from other mums on YouTube. Picking up simple tricks while juggling the ups and downs of motherhood saved me precious time, energy and money – they even saved my sanity on more than one occasion!

Every single hack and habit I’ve written about has been tried and tested on my own family and I hope make Things I Wish I’d Known the ultimate go-to resource for all things parenting – and I hope helps make your everyday a little easier.” Emily Norris

Things I Wish I’d Known is separated into five sections. The first four – Home Sweet Home, Food, Glorious Food, Travel & Holidays, School Rules – are split into two parts: one for hacks (a quick, clever, and often fun solution to a parenting problem and something you can implement right away) and another for habits (a longer term, behavioural and routine-based remedy focussed on running your household as efficiently as possible).

  • Rainy day remedies including boredom beating activities such as mess-free painting, the painters’ tape assault course and learning ping-pong
  • Nifty ways to tackle that housework to-do list, from the ‘one touch method’ to the essential cleaning products you can make at home
  • Timesaving culinary tricks you’ll wish you’d known sooner including tips to make mealtimes easy, delicious easy-to-follow recipes for all the family and yummy snack ideas your kids will love
  • The must-read guide to managing the school holidays, from how to survive long journeys, beach hacks and the unexpected essentials you’ve got to take with you
  • Top hacks for the school routine, including time-saving tips for navigating the dash to the school gates, hassle-free homework and co-ordinating those extra-curricular activities


In the fifth and final section, Emily looks at some of the ‘bigger picture’ issues around parenting, often discussed on her channel, such as sleep, boundary pushing and post-baby relationships with partners.

And sprinkled throughout the pages are Emily’s ‘Moment For You’ ideas to encourage busy mum’s to press pause on everything else and prioritise yourself for a little while.

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