The Midas social media cheat sheet

To celebrate #DigitalLearningDay, the digital team at Midas shares some of their best tips on how you can enhance your own social media and digital strategies. 


Use online scheduling tools 

Trying to maintain an active social media presence can feel tedious and time consuming, especially when considering different channels have peak times when their users are most active. If you want to engage with as many of your audience as possible, you need to post at these peak times.

To ensure your content is going out frequently and posting during these peak times, you can use scheduling tools such as Tweetdeck (free), Facebook’s own scheduling tools (free) and Planoly for Instagram. 


Showcase your best content through pinned tweets 

Treat a pinned tweet as your ‘shop window’ –  the first thing anyone will see when they land on your profile will be the pinned tweet, so what content do you want to highlight first? 

Whether it’s to show off a tweet that has performed well (high engagement/impressions), or one that includes content you are driving (we always recommend including a powerful image, hashtag, a URL and tagged accounts where applicable), remember that your pinned tweet is a chance to show off. 

Consider  rotating the pinned tweet weekly, so there’s fresh content for people that land on your profile.


Size specifications for every social channel

When uploading an image onto social media, the last thing you want is a pixelated or weirdly-cropped image.

Social media sizes change constantly, so it can be difficult to stay on-top of the latest update. 

Here are the most social media size dimensions for 2022:


Make your links look tidy and clean 

Avoid long and messy links in your social copy by using URL shortening tools such as bitly, Hootsuite’s Owly, and TinyURL. Keeping your links simple and as short as possible means you’re more likely to drive clicks, as long URLs can look suspicious.

Another great feature to many of these sites offer tracking metrics, to help you keep on top of source traffic. And when combined with other analytics tools – such as Google Analytics – you’re setting yourself for great marketing success. 

You’re also saving valuable character space! 


Add links to your Instagram stories 

Following a major new update towards the end of 2021, all accounts (regardless of follower count) can now add links to Instagram Stories. Previously, this feature was limited to accounts with over 10K followers.

The new link sticker is much more visible and can be added anywhere on a story. It also shows viewers the first part of the destination link (i.e., the domain), giving more transparency.

Find out how you add links to your Instagram stories using the  new link sticker feature


Use Twitter to build your network

Twitter’s constantly active and evolving communities – no matter what field you’re in – makes it such a valuable networking platform. By sharpening your social networking skills and adapting them to this fast-paced environment, you can use Twitter as the starting point to build a strong business network.

If you have an opportunity on offer or want to engage individuals or communities in a new project that you’re working on, send a tweet addressing them directly through @ mentions and relevant hashtags.


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