Spotlight on Catalan Culture: the UK’s biggest celebration of Catalan arts and literature

  • Showcasing literature, dance, music, poetry, art, cinema and theatre by creatives from Catalonia and the Balearic Islands
  • Venues include Sadler’s Wells, Manchester Poetry Library, Jacksons Lane, ICA, New Diorama Theatre, Foyles Charing Cross & more
  • Author events with Irene Solá, Bel Olid, Pol Guasch, Eva Baltasar as well as Max Porter, Vanessa Onwuemezi, Ed Vulliamy & others
  • Partnerships with Universities of Oxford, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Newcastle and UCL

The Institut Ramon Llull (IRL), the public organisation promoting Catalan language and culture internationally, has today announced the line-up of Spotlight on Catalan Culture in the UK, an extensive arts and culture festival celebrating Catalan literature, language, arts, history and creativity taking place across the UK between March and June 2022.

In collaboration with partners in the literary, performing arts and education sectors, the more than 25 events forming part of Spotlight on Catalan Culture will encompass author talks, circus and theatre performances, poetry readings, art exhibitions, history talks, film screenings, jazz concerts, digital projects bridging literature and film, translation workshops, publishing masterclasses for university students, and much more. From Edinburgh to Exeter and from independent bookshops to concert halls and lecture theatres, Catalan culture will be taking over the UK this spring.

Designed to introduce the general public to the richness of Catalan culture and heritage, and showcase the incredible offering of artists, authors and performers from Catalan-speaking territories, the Spotlight on Catalan Culture programme will give the chance to UK audiences to experience Catalan culture like never before.

The programme is curated in collaboration with literary organisations including Literature Across Frontiers, Wales Literature Exchange, UNESCO Cities of Literature Exeter and Manchester, Marx Memorial Library, European Poetry Festival; independent bookshops Brick Lane Bookshop, Burley Fisher Books, Bookbag Bookshop and Foyles Charing Cross, and publishers Granta, Fitzcarraldo, And Other Stories, Fum d’Estampa among others.

Participating venues across the world of music, theatre, cinema, dance and the visual arts include Sadler’s Wells, The Pheasantry, Bush Hall, The Institute for Contemporary Arts (ICA), Iklectik, New Diorama Theatre and Jacksons Lane.

The IRL has also been collaborating with universities across the UK, including King’s College London, The University of Edinburgh, Oxford University, University College London (UCL), The University of Newcastle, The University of Liverpool, University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University, Queen Mary University of London, The University of Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University and The University of Leeds to deliver a programme of panel events, talks, seminars and workshops aimed at promoting Catalan language and culture among university students.

Spanning Literature, Music, Visual and Performing Arts and Universities, the line-up of Spotlight on Catalan Culture in the UK includes:



Sometimes I feel like I’m writing down the future

Date: 4 April

Venue: The Grove, London

Participants: Pol Guasch and Manon Steffan Ros, moderated by Casi Dylan

The two authors share a concern about a possible future affected by disaster, writing with an urgency compounded by the fact that the main protagonists of their books are children. The Blue Book of Nebo by Manon Steffan Ros is published in English and several other languages after the original Welsh title Llyfr Glas Nebo won the Wales Book of the Year Award in 2019. Napalm al cor (‘Napalm in the Heart’), by the young Catalan author Pol Guasch, winner of the 2021 Anagrama Prize, took the Catalan literary scene by storm. Set in an unnamed location, it is an exercise in understanding an extreme and traumatic past through a poetic, intense narrative tracing the journey two boys attempting to flee a militarized zone where they have grown up.

Organised in collaboration with Literature Across Frontiers and Wales Literature Exchange

Brigadistes: Untold Stories from the Spanish Civil War

Date: 5 April, 6.30pm

Venue: Marx Memorial Library, London

Participants: Jordi Martí-Rueda, Meirian Jump and Jim Jump

Tickets and info here (free event)

Jordi Martí-Rueda will present his book Brigadistes. Lives for Liberty, published in Catalan by Tigre de Paper and translated into English by Pluto Press. A great example of narrative journalism, documentary precision and literary sensibility, the book highlights the ideals of an era through 60 short portraits of men and women who abandoned everything to fight against fascism during the Spanish Civil War. The event will feature the participation of one of those anonymous heroes, journalist and writer Jim Jump. A homage to memory and resistance.

Organised in collaboration with the publishing house Pluto Press, the International Brigade Memorial Trust and the Marx Memorial Library

A conversation between Max Porter and Irene Solà

Date: 5 April, 7pm

Venue: Foyles Bookshop Charing Cross, London

Participants: Max Porter and Irene Solà

Tickets and info here

Canto jo i la muntanya balla, by Irene Solà, winner of the Anagrama Fiction Prize, is published by Graywolf in the US and by Granta in the UK with the English title When I Sing, the Mountain Dances. An international success, translated into more than 20 languages, the book has been very well received in the English-speaking literary world. Max Porter, author of the best-seller Grief is the Thing with Feathers, has also praised the novel, saying this book made me swoon (…) utterly universal, deadly funny, and profoundly moving. He will speak to Irene Solà about writing, literature and about the things that make us dance.

Organised in collaboration with the publisher Granta

An Intimate Resistance in Motion

Date: 4 April, 7pm

Venue: Burley Fisher Books, London

Participants: Josep Maria Esquirol and Christian Michel

Tickets and info here (free event)

The Intimate Resistance by Josep Maria Esquirol, published in Catalan by Quaderns Crema, and now published in English by Fum d’Estampa, won the Spanish National Essay Prize and has been translated into five different languages. Against all odds, this book has become a best-seller. A surprising direction for an essay that makes no concessions to the reader as it invokes the great names of the continental philosophical tradition of the twentieth century. Esquirol is one of the few philosophy professors in Catalonia and Spain who has managed to reach beyond academia and connect with the general public with a proposal that is both rigorous and radically personal. Christian Michel, philosophical debate facilitator, will talk to the Catalan author about acts of resistance (like this conversation) that give meaning to our shared private life.

Organised in collaboration with the publisher Fum d’Estampa


Facts and Fiction. A Mirroring Conversation on the Self and Others

Date: 8 April, 6.30pm
Venue: Frontline Club, London

Participants: Sergi Pàmies and Ed Vulliamy, moderated by Gala Sicart

Tickets and info here (free event)

Sergi Pàmies, Catalan master of short stories, is a renowned journalist and a prize-winning writer. He brings to London’s audiences his long-awaited first English translation: The Art of Wearing a Trench Coat. A book to be found on the ‘Fiction’ shelves. International reporter and writer Ed Vulliamy has reached the greatest achievements in journalism such as the Kapuściński Award. In his reporting, as well as with his books on music or painting, Vulliamy gathers facts for the reader. Facts and fiction intertwine in a conversation with two authors whose biographies, we will discover, share very similar elements.


Galley Party: Boulder’s Launch

Date: 5 April

Venue: The Social, London

Participant: Eva Baltasar

With the support of the IRL, the publisher And Other Stories will organise an encounter with journalists, publishing industry professionals and lovers of literature to celebrate the English publication of Boulder, the new novel by Catalan writer Eva Baltasar. There will be brief presentations by the publisher and the author, and then some excerpts of the novel will be read, with copies being distributed among the accredited attendees. All in an informal and festive atmosphere.

Organised in collaboration with the publisher And Other Stories


Wilder Winds and Dark Neighbourhood. Bel Olid and Vanessa Onwuemezi in conversation

Date: 6 April, 7pm

Venue: Brick Lane Bookshop, London

Participants: Bel Olid and Vanessa Onwuemezi, moderated by Jorge Garriz

Tickets and info here

Join Catalan writer and translator Bel Olid, and writer and poet Vanessa Onwuemezi as they discuss their short story collections, Wilder Winds and Dark Neighbourhood. The stories in Wilder Winds and Dark Neighbourhood explore the lives of characters on the outskirts of society, characters in seemingly hopeless situations who are struggling to find their place in the world. However, in each collection we find glimpses of hope as characters find solace in their own bodies, in their solitude, or in others like them.

Organised in collaboration with Fitzcarraldo


Performance poetry at IKLECTIK in collaboration with European Poetry Festival

Date: 10 April, 2pm – 4pm

Venue: Iklectik, London

Participants: Maria Sevilla and Joan Martínez, Mireia Calafell and Björt Rùnars, Jansky

Info here (free event)

A unique afternoon of live Catalan poetry, celebrating the innovative and performative brilliance of contemporary poets and musicians, this event welcomes Mireia Calafell and Björt Rùnars, Maria Sevilla and Joan Martínez, and Jansky (Laia Martínez and Jaume Reus) to London. Representing a new wave of poets to whom experimentation and performance are core to their understanding of literature, and held at the remarkable Iklectik Artlab in Waterloo, this event will also feature three British poets, presenting brand new live works in response to the visiting poets, in acts of homage, collaboration and playful hospitality.

In collaboration with European Poetry Festival, curated by poet and artist Steven J Fowler


Poetry and Science: Two Sisters at Loggerheads

Date: 26 May

Venue: John Keats House, Hampstead, London

The book presentation of The Poetry of Science, a bilingual Catalan-English anthology of poems by Àngel Terron, published by Goat Star Books (2021). Poetry and science are like two sisters sharing the same room and at loggerheads with each other. Àngel Terron is strongly opposed to reductionism and scientism. His poems argue against any attempt to make science a substitute for the humanities. Science can never be the whole story, as it cannot truly explain what it means to be human. The anthology The Poetry of Science, edited and translated from Catalan by Rafael Peñas, includes a selection of Terron’s work between 1977 and 2012, translated into English for the first time. Through his poems, Terron succeeds in reconciling both sisters.


Collaboration between Cities of Literature UNESCO – Barcelona, Manchester, Exeter

Mireia Calafell and Björt Rünars perform Varosha

Date: 7 April

Venue: Manchester Poetry Library, Manchester Metropolitan University

Participants: Mireia Calafell and Björt Rùnars

The recital of poetry and music Varosha is structured around poems from Nosaltres, qui (‘Us, who’) and Tantes Mudes (‘So Many Shedded Layers’). Mireia Calafell is joined on stage by cellist and Icelandic composer Björt Rùnars, and together they will recreate a journey to what was one of the busiest tourist destinations in the Mediterranean at the end of the 60s, but was left abandoned after the Turkish invasion of 1974. Today it represents a way of understanding the world as a place that can be devoured by tourism or war, but at the same time evokes the mystery and the beauty of a space that is newly habitable, allowing us to think of a new way of doing, of being, of speaking.


Maria Sevilla reciting Si una tarda un surt cansat de fer feina i plou

Date: 8 April

Venue: Bookbag Bookshop, Exeter

Participants: Maria Sevilla and Joan Martínez

“Si una tarda un surt cansat de fer feina i plou” (‘If you’re leaving work sick and tired one rainy afternoon’) is a verse by Miquel Bauçà from Una bella història (‘A Beautiful Story’, 1962) and is also the title of this spoken poetry performance that is a four-part critique of the labour model. Inspired by thinkers such as Mark Fisher and Remedios Zafra, or Manifesto against Labour (Krisi Group, 1999), the performance will feature Maria Sevilla and Joan Martínez. Music plays its part as the electronic expression of the apparatus, the sound evidence that, as Fisher said, “at the top of the tower of work there is no liberation from work, there is only more work.”


A conversation with Manuel Forcano and Richard Mansell

Date: 9 April

Venue: The Devon & Exeter Institution, Exeter

Participants: Manuel Forcano and Richard Mansell

Manuel Forcano will be talking about poetic creation and translation with Professor of Hispanic Studies of the University of Exeter Richard Mansell. Focusing on Forcano’s poetic anthology, Maps of Desire (Arc Publications, 2019), the conversation will take place at The Devon & Exeter Institution, an independent library and educational charity in the heart of Exeter.


Catalan and Balearic Jazz at The Pheasantry

Date: 5 and 6 April, 8pm

Venue: The Pheasantry, London

Tickets and info here and here

The Institut Ramon Llull presents two intimate music shows at The Pheasantry, the PizzaExpress supper club in Chelsea. Performing on Tuesday 5th April will be the Catalan vocal and bass duo Magalí Sare and Manel Fortià followed on Wednesday 6th April by the Balearic singer and multi-instrumentalist Anna Ferrer. Expect two special nights where the audience will be able to enjoy exciting new voices from the Catalan Countries alongside PizzaExpress’ famous pizzas.


Concert by Laura Peribáñez, From Barcelona to Paris

Date: 5 April, 7pm

Venue: St Gabriel’s Church Pimlico, London

Tickets and info here

Barcelona cellist Laura Peribáñez and pianist Kanako Mizuno will pay homage to the cities of Barcelona and Paris, performing works by some of their most significant composers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries: Catalans Gaspar Cassadó and Rogeli Huguet, and French composers Nadia Boulanger and Claude Debussy. A graduate of ESMUC (Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya), Laura Peribañez made her first appearance at the Barcelona Auditorium at the age of nine, and has already won several international awards. She has performed at the United Nations Office at Geneva and at the ZK Matthews Great Hall in Pretoria.


Say It Loud at Bush Hall

Date: 7 April, 7pm

Venue: Bush Hall, London

Tickets and info here

The Say It Loud festival from Barcelona will take place in one of the most emblematic music venues in London, Bush Hall, with Night Say it Loud, staging concerts of R.A.E and the Hip Horns Brass Collective feat. Rodrigo Laviña. R.A.E (Rising Above Everything) is a rapper from South-East London with a bold, vindicating 90s style in her music and aesthetic. She brings a fresh approach to fusing rap and classic R&B with today’s urban UK sounds. Hip Horns Brass Collective are three generations of Catalan jazz and modern musicians who have found the formula to a unique sound that differentiates them from all the other brass bands in the country. This time they will perform with special guest Rodrigo Laviña, one of the leading hip hop MCs in Catalan.


Catalan Cinema Now in association with the ICA

Date: 9 – 10 April and weekends in May and June

Venue: ICA, London

Tickets and info here

Catalan Cinema Now looks at what is happening in film in Catalonia in the aftermath of Covid. Screening a number of hybrid documentaries navigating the boundaries between fiction and documentary, as well as co-productions that showcase Catalan scriptwriting, these are films that probe how and what cinema means, mapping histories of queer performance in Barcelona, the meaning of community and utopia and how biographies are constructed. These films show the vibrancy of Catalan cinema in there here and now, navigating its past, documenting its present and preparing for its future.

The programme includes the following films, among others:

SanMao. The Desert Bride (Ikiru Films, 2018). Dir: Marta Arribas, Ana Pérez

The Odd-Job Men (Distinto Films, El Kinògraf, 2021). Dir: Neus Ballús

Mighty Flash (Eddie Saeta, Tentación Cabiria, 2021). Dir: Ainhoa Rodríguez

Season curated by British critic and academic Maria Delgado

Production by Nico Marzano and Nicolas Raffin (ICA)


Just Dig, Love & Psyche, Vicens Vacca at IKLECTIK

Dates: 31 May – 5 June

Venue: Iklectik, London

Tickets and info here

Vicens Vacca is one of the leading figures in sound art in Catalonia. He started out in contemporary art in the mid-80s, experimenting with sound in the margins of conceptual art. For Vacca, sound is never an additional complement, but a corporeal element with plastic qualities, which is materialised in the space of action as a sculptural object. For his first solo exhibition in the UK, Vacca has chosen three works with the space of the Iklectik in mind: two of these works are acoustic and are activated by the proximity of the spectator; the third, one of his latest works, exhibits two objects that refer to how the passage of time has dealt with the concepts of love and the psyche.


“A Vocabulary for the Future”

Digital project

Authors: Borja Bagunyà, Pol Guasch, Najat El Hachmi, Llucia Ramis, Miquel de Palol and Muriel Villanueva

Video artists and filmmakers: Noémi Varga, Remy Bazerque, Nosa Eke, Ezra Myers, Julia Parks and Graeme Arnfield

More info here

Created by the CCCB during the 2020 Barcelona Biennial of Thought, “A Vocabulary for the Future” is a collection of audio-visual essays that reflect on ways of thinking about the world of tomorrow. As part of the Spotlight programme, the IRL has joined in partnership with the prestigious Film London to amplify the exhibition and create a new series of works, created by six Catalan language authors and six English-speaking audio-visual artists. Within this framework, six texts written and recorded in Catalan will be the focus of discussion, along with their future translation into an audio-visual format by six British filmmakers or residents of the UK. The authors have been selected by the IRL and the CCCB, and Film London has chosen the audio-visual creators.


IT DON’T WORRY ME – Atresbandes at the New Diorama Theatre

Dates: 3 – 7 May, Tuesday – Saturday, 7.30 / Saturday matinee 3pm

Venue: New Diorama Theatre, London

Tickets and info here

Stripped down to their pants and socks, but deadly serious, two performers interrogate the tension between art and political correctness. Meanwhile, three audience members have turned up dressed in the style of Robert Altman’s 1975 film Nashville, apparently expecting a different show altogether… Welcome to a gloriously silly world where everything has spiralled out of control and out of context – but the stakes have never been higher. Furiously original and confoundingly funny, IT DON’T WORRY ME is a show like no other: somewhere between theatre, performance art and hallucinogenic experience. Don’t miss the London premiere of this acclaimed international collaboration, created by award-winning UK performance duo Bert & Nasi and trailblazing Catalan company ATRESBANDES.

PASIONARIA by La Veronal at Sadler’s Wells

Dates: 3 – 4 May, 7.30pm

Venue: Sadler’s Wells, London

Tickets and more info here

MarcosMorau’s multi-disciplinary company, La Veronal, returns to Sadler’s Wells with Pasionaria after his thought-provoking debut in 2015, Voronia. Granted the National Dance Award by the Spanish Ministry of Culture in 2013, La Veronal is known for its stunning and expressive work which extends across different artforms. Pasionaria is a place everyone talks about and a place of progress. Life has become an artificial landscape and inhabitants have lost any kind of passion. Pasionaria questions the emotional detachment that we are moving towards. The artificial world which we are pushed towards and violently thrown into, where individualism and moral cowardice is turning the current world into a place of defenceless adults.

The show will be preceded by a 30-minute performance-lecture with Toni Jodar entitled ‘Current trends in the language of contemporary dance’. Highlighting movements that have shaken our bodies and events that have changed our world, Toni Jodar will use words and his body to present La Veronal dance company and its code of movement. Pasionaria is a show that fuses languages, including the set itself and references to cinema and literature, to raise questions, not without humour, about the future of a humanity devoid of all passion or feeling and increasingly dependent on technology, automation and manipulation.

Catalan Circus at Jacksons Lane

Dates: 1 – 8 May

Venue: Jacksons Lane, London

Tickets and info here

The creative hub of contemporary circus in North London, Jacksons Lane, will host a Catalan circus showcase with performances from three companies: Leandre, En Diciembre and Circ Pistolet. The flagship arts and cultural venue in Haringey, Jacksons Lane’s year-round programme of contemporary performance, arts participation and cultural education exists to empower, and ignite creativity within, diverse communities and work tirelessly to overcome traditional barriers through art.


Literature, gastronomy and identity: Talk with Martí Sales and Professor H. Rosi Song

Date: 24 March

Venue: Newcastle University

Participants: Martí Sales and Professor H. Rosi Song

Featuring writer Martí Sales and Professor H. Rosi Song of Durham University, the session will begin with a guided conversation between the guests about the interrelation between literature, gastronomy and identity. The discussion will be centred on Aliment, a literary creation cooked up by our guest author (Club editor, 2021). A translation workshop from Catalan to English will follow and the session will end with a short kitchen session, in which students will prepare and then taste a simple Catalan dish.


Online talk with writer Llucia Ramis

Date: 30 March

Venue: Online

Participant: Llucia Ramis

Writer Llucia Ramis will host an online seminar at the University of Liverpool with students of Catalan studies. They will discuss her story ‘The Hotel of Santa Anna’ (published in the Barcelona Suites collection, 2019), whose English translation was published in the anthology The Book of Barcelona in 2021. This seminar will be in a discussion format, with the participation of students from different universities in the UK and Ireland.

Organised by University of Liverpool, Institut Ramon Llull in collaboration with The University of Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University, University of Leeds and University of Manchester


The infinite conversation: the craft of translating with Esther Tallada and Mara Faye Lethem

Date: 31 March, 6pm

Venue: UCL, London

Participants: Esther Tallada and Mara Faye Lethem, moderated by Uta Staiger

Esther Tallada, translator of English into Catalan, and Mara Faye Lethem, translator of Catalan into English, will debate the challenges and dilemmas posed by literary translation, in a talk moderated by Uta Staiger, director of the European Institute of the prestigious University College London. Topics will include: the authors they enjoy translating; those they enjoy reading but fear translating; common links between English and Catalan literature; the cultural responsibility of translation; and the different approaches required according to the source text and context of the target.

Organised in collaboration with UCL European Institute


Specialisation in the Publishing Industry course

Date: 31 March – 1 April (online), 5 – April (at The London Book Fair)

Venue: Online / The London Book Fair, Olympia, London

Participants: Eugènia Broggi, Sophie Lewis, Josep Lluch, Laura McGoughlin

The Institut Ramon Llull (IRL) is running a ‘Specialisation in the Publishing Industry’ course to promote professional careers to students through an introduction to specialisation in different areas of publishing. The course is offered within the framework of the London Book Fair (LBF) as part of the Catalan Culture Spotlight programme, with Catalan literature as a central focus. The objective of the course is to offer a theoretical and practical introduction to the British and Catalan publishing industries. The course is led by publisher Eugènia Broggi, translator Sophie Lewis, publisher and author Josep Lluch and translator Laura McGoughlin.


An afternoon with Bel Olid and Borja Bagunyà at the University of Edinburgh

Date: 4 April, 5.30pm
Venue: 50 George Square, Project Room (room 1.06), University of Edinburgh

Participants: Bel Olid and Borja Bagunyà

In an afternoon with Catalan writers, Bel Olid and Borja Bagunyà, students will have the chance to meet these two renowned authors and provide some insight into their writing. This event will consist of a conversation with Bel and Borja, followed by some readings from their short stories both in English and in Catalan. The students of Catalan Culture at the University of Edinburgh will then lead Q&A session before it is open to the audience as a whole.


Talking to Eva Baltasar about Permafrost at Queen Mary University of London

Date: 6 April, 7pm

Venue: Queen Mary University of London, Mile End Rd, Bethnal Green, London E1 4NS

Participant: Eva Baltasar

Join an in-person event at Queen Mary in an evening talking to the brilliant Catalan writer Eva Baltasar. There will be readings of her novel Permafrost (published in UK by And Other Stories), both in Catalan and in English, followed by an intimate discussion of the book with its author. Attendees will be able to share their impressions on the novel and pose their questions to Baltasar. Sundry drinks will be served and all attendees will receive a gift from the Centre for Catalan Studies.

Organised in collaboration with the Centre for Catalan Studies, Queen Mary University of London


Eva Baltasar at Oxford University

Date: 6 May

Venue: Taylorian Library, Oxford University

The event will feature bilingual readings of the work of Eva Baltasar, including poetry and excerpts of her novels, as well as a conversation between the author and the students of the University of Oxford, followed by a translation workshop with the university translation department and other members of the Faculty of Modern Languages.

Pere Almeda, Director of the Institut Ramon Llull, said: “The Spotlight programme is an answer to many years of an enriching exchange between the Catalan and British cultural landscapes.  It is a great opportunity for Catalan culture to be featured with all its potential and strength in the context of international cultural dialogue.”

Adrian Wootton OBE, Chief Executive of Film London and the British Film Commission, said: “We’re delighted to partner with Institut Ramon Llull and the Centre de Cultura Contemporànea de Barcelona on this exciting project. Strengthening creative collaboration between Film London and IRL, the Spotlight programme connects talent from both regions to tell bold and diverse stories through the medium of moving image. The six filmmakers we’ve commissioned are rising stars with urgent, distinctive voices. We hope to build on this partnership in the future and look forward to showcasing our filmmakers’ work with audiences throughout the UK and beyond.”

Nico Marzano, Head of Cinema at The Institute of Contemporary Arts, said: “The ICA London is delighted to partner with the Institut Ramon Llull Catalan Spotlight programme to present an essential selection of films offering a glimpse on the prolific, rich and multi-layered tradition of contemporary Catalan cinema.

Adrian Berry, Artistic Director and Joint CEO of Jackson’s Lane, said: “Jacksons Lane is thrilled to collaborate with Institut Ramon Llull on this creative initiative highlighting the talent and skills of Catalan circus artists. We are proud to present three world-class companies this May.”

As a public institution devoted to extending the reach of Catalan language and culture, the Institut Ramon Llull provides aid to authors, translators, publishers and literary agents to ensure that Catalan literature is translated, published and read abroad.

Spotlight on Catalan Culture in the UK comes in conjunction with the Catalan Culture Spotlight at The London Book Fair, the most important global gathering of the book industry in the Spring (5-7 April 2022), involving a programme of events with Catalan and British authors, a series of professional meetings to foster relationships between Catalan and English-speaking publishers, and an exhibition of the works of Catalan illustrators.

For more information, please visit the Spotlight website: www.spotlight.llull.cat

Follow the latest developments on social media: #CatalanSpotlight