Sir Ronald Cohen appoints Midas Public Relations to promote IMPACT: Reshaping capitalism to drive real change (Ebury)

Midas Public Relations, the UK’s leading independent communications agency for books, publishing, culture and the arts, has been appointed by Sir Ronald Cohen to promote IMPACT: Reshaping capitalism to drive real change, published by Ebury and out on 2nd  July 2020.

Sir Ronald Cohen is a preeminent international investor, entrepreneur, philanthropist and social finance innovator, who has dedicated two decades to leading the Impact Revolution to achieve real social and environmental change. He was one of the founders of venture capital, which ushered in the Tech Revolution, and now he has channeled his years of experience into his latest book, a compelling account of how impact is reshaping capitalism. His previous book, The Second Bounce of the Ball, explored how entrepreneurs can turn risk into opportunity, and was described by the Financial Times as “One of the best books written on entrepreneurship in recent years.”

IMPACT: Reshaping capitalism to drive real change is an inspiring manifesto showing that changing the world and making a profit can go hand in hand. At a time when capitalism and democracy are being challenged with great force, we need a new path to reduce inequality, regenerate natural resources and allow people to benefit from shared prosperity. The book has been described as “the core operating manual for those seeking to do good while also doing well” by Bono, Lead Singer of U2 and Co-Founder of The Rise Fund.

The artwork on the front cover of IMPACT was designed by Noma Bar, the artist behind the highly regarded cover of The Testaments by Margaret Atwood. The ingenious design features a dollar sign with two hidden hearts – a reference to the “invisible heart of markets” that Sir Ronald Cohen mentions in his book, which is a nod to Adam Smith’s “invisible hand of markets” and the metaphor for the Impact Revolution.

Midas PR will deliver a high-profile traditional PR and social media campaign that generates widespread consumer awareness of IMPACT, demonstrating the crucial need to reshape our economic system and how impact capitalism can change our world for the better.

Sir Ronald Cohen said: “The Covid-19 crisis is a wake-up call to the world. It will force us to change our ways and to scale the resources we use to reduce inequality and protect our planet. IMPACT reveals how each of us can play a role in achieving this.”

Carey Smith, Publishing Director for Ebury Enterprises, who bought the book from Rory Scarfe of The Blair Partnership, said: “Learning about impact investing from its visionary pioneer has opened my eyes to the way that everyone – from individuals to large corporations – can help preserve our planet and lead us to a more equal world.”

For further information please contact Amelia Knight at Midas Public Relations: Amelia.knight@midaspr.co.uk