NFTs for Millennials: Tiffany Anna invites visitors to buy art through VR headsets in London exhibition

woman standing behind gorilla artwork

Young, dynamic artist Tiffany Anna, who has already captured the attention from the likes of Randi Zuckerberg – sister of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg – is presenting her first exhibition in London this September. A female pioneer in the male dominated crypto industry, Tiffany Anna’s show TA X LDN features a new collection of over 125 NFT works, curated in the form of a virtual reality metaverse, alongside 40 large-scale physical paintings and prints.

Through her bright and ballsy artworks, Tiffany’s work presents a mixture of quirky animal paintings alongside an ultraviolet glow-in-the-dark experience. Visitors can immerse themselves in the real exhibition space, while virtual reality goggles will allow visitors to view – and buy – the new NFT artworks. In a bid to change the perception of NFTs as a purely financial endeavour, 10% of proceeds of the exhibition will be going to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

TA X LDN consists of 40 paintings and limited edition prints of brightly coloured animals including The Moon Queen, Pink Panther and David Bowie Monkey, which display the artist’s signature fun graffiti style. These are predominantly created using acrylic mixed with gold leaf, gems, gutta fabric pens, spray paint and super-lit powder. Each piece is made completely differently as Tiffany says, “there is no method to my madness, just creative, messy fun”.

Tiffany’s large scale paintings will be presented alongside 125 virtual mini cosmoses and 125 physical mini cosmoses, providing an interactive experience where visitors can travel into the metaverse to not only view but purchase one of these limited pieces. Each of the 125 NFTs come with the original piece too, a market that is growing exponentially, with a 35% growth in NFT sales expected in the next five years.

An up-and-coming self-taught artist who discovered her passion for painting during the pandemic, Tiffany has thrown all her energy into giving the world some extra colour, creating artwork that you can look at and see something different in every day. She finds inspiration through looking at wallpaper trends, taking note of their often wild and wacky colour combinations as she loves anything slightly crazy and is always up for trying something new that glows or shines.

TA X LDN is Tiffany’s first physical and virtual display of her much anticipated NFT collections. “As a physical artist, moving into the NFT industry was very daunting. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was quite ready or even if I was, but after learning more about it. I feel it is the next step for any physical artist and may really be the future of art. It’s already opened up the opportunity for me to sell worldwide and this is only the start. I’m extremely excited to be part of this sector so early in its infancy.” – says Tiffany Anna

Tiffany Anna adds:’I am super excited about popping up in Chelsea. I am very lucky that my artwork has been so well received in Guernsey and am looking forward to seeing what people in London think as well. I absolutely love colour and my dream is to create artwork that makes people smile both inside and out. I also love making artwork that has other dimensions. I use the glowiest glow pigment to create my cosmos pieces, and also the blackest black too. I use gems and also the best gold leaf to finish off my pieces.’’

About Tiffany Matthews
Tiffany was born in Guernsey and educated at Guernsey’s Ladies’ College. She is a self-taught artist known as Tiffany Anna Art seeking fresh inspiration. Having found her passion for painting during the pandemic, she now focuses all her energy on creating bright and ballsy artwork for lovers of colour. www.tiffany.gg

About NFT
A non-fungible token is a financial security consisting of digital data (usually a jpeg stored in a blockchain, a form of distributed ledger. The ownership of an NFT is recorded in the blockchain and can be transferred by the owner allowing NFTs to be sold and traded. For example with Tiffany Matthew’s art, when purchasing her NFT the buyer is also obtaining the physical artwork.

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