Move Yourself Happy: 21 Days to Make Joyful Movement a Habit

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Move Yourself Happy, from Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer Diane Buswell, is a transformative body-positive guide celebrating the joy of movement and offering guidance on how to nurture and nourish our mental and physical health, and well being.

This book is a guide, not gospel. You are you, and life is about finding out more about what you enjoy, and what makes you feel good in your own way. The real secret to health is finding the joy in movement, and then enjoying and appreciating what your body and mind get in return. Who wouldn’t want more flexibility, co-ordination, balance, sleep and happiness?

Dianne says: “Movement and exercise are at the beginning and the end of how I live my life. They give me the energy to work and play and to feel good about myself, and the more ways I find to enjoy movement and exercise, the more my life is filled with joy. I want the same for you.”

Shaped by Dianne’s experiences as a professional dancer on Strictly Come Dancing and her training as a holistic life coach, Move Yourself Happy reveals Dianne’s wellness journey and the experiences that have shaped her own daily practices. It is a guide to stimulating and sustaining everyday routines that better nourish the mind and body.

In Move Yourself Happy, Dianne shares her passion for movement and the four happiness and wellness pillars that she relies on everyday—movement, rest, nutrition, and positivity. To help readers revitalize their understanding of health and sense of wellbeing, Dianne has created bespoke movement routines (focusing on dance, Pilates and yoga), wholesome recipes, journaling prompts, daily mantras, everyday healthy hacks and much more.

These culminate in a 21-day plan, packed full of encouraging and nurturing advice to help make joyful movement a habit, to reframe and reenergize your approach to wellness, transforming your physical and mental health.

About Dianne Buswell                                     

Dianne Buswell is a much loved dancer on BBC primetime series Strictly Come Dancing. She is a holistic life coach and founder of Buswellness, a platform to help you build strength and find your own happiness through Pilates, yoga and dance.


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