Midas’ Glastonbury photo diary 2022

The world’s most magical festival aka Glastonbury made a grand return this year, with A-List musical headliners such as Billie Eilish, Sir Paul McCartney, Diana Ross & Kendrick Lamar, to theatrical performances & topical panel discussions on climate change & Black Lives Matter, to vintage shops & food galore!

Team Midas was thrilled to attend with our clients Ai-Da and Ai WeiWei, who took the Shangri-La field by storm.

‘Move aside Paul McCartney! Ai Weiwei and Ai-Da the robot to debut work at this year’s Glastonbury Festival in England’The Arts Newspaper 

We couldn’t agree with this headline more! Ai-Da the robot was kept well & truly busy, from an interview with BBC Radio 6 Music, to painting the headline acts (check them out here) & live demos throughout the festival. The screenings of Ai WeiWei: Yours Truly, the documentary, directed by Cheryl Haines, about visionary Chinese artist Ai WeiWei and his family’s history as prisoners of conscience, promoted messages of hope and strength with the audience invited to write postcards to political prisoners of conscience around the world.

Our team – Hannah McMillan, Tory Lyne-Pirkis, Bei Guo & Ann Amarawansa – were the lucky campers that attended to represent Midas and support our clients during the festival.

Check out our photo diary to see all the highlights from our team!

Crowd shot from Glastonbury 2022


(From left to right) Ann Amarawansa, Tory Lyne-Pirkis & Hannah McMillan in front of the Shangri-La entrance at Glastonbury


Hannah McMillan cleaning up Ai-Da the robot’s studio before setup


Crowd gathered to watch Ai Wei Wei: Yours Truly Documentary at Shangri-La area, Glastonbury


Billie Eilish headlining at Glastonbury at the Pyramid stage


Setting up for the postcards activation at the screening of Ai WeiWei: Yours Truly at Shangri-La, Glastonbury


Team Midas selfie


Lil Simz performing on the West Holts stage at Glastonbury


Written postcards from attendees to prisoners of conscience as part of the screening for Ai WeiWei: Yours Truly documentary, at the Gas Tower Stage at Shangri-La


More written postcards to prisoners of conscience


More written postcards to prisoners of conscience


Ai-Da the robot all set up in her studio at the Shangri-La field, Glastonbury


BBC Radio 6 interviewing Ai-Da the robot with Aidan Miller at Shangri-La field, Glastonbury


Music set featuring Hannah McMillan


Team photo in front of the art work at Glastonbury


In the crowd with Hannah McMillan


Press call for Ai-Da the robot at Shangri-La, Glastonbury


Megan Thee Stallion performing at the Other stage at Glastonbury


Team photo in front of the Ferris wheel featuring Tory Lyne-Pirkis, Hannah McMillan & Ann Amarawansa (from left to right)


Crowd gathering to write postcards to prisoners of conscience at Shangri-La, Glastonbury


Tory Lyne-Pirkis & Ann Amarawansa posing in front of the sets at Shangri-La field, Glastonbury


Hannah McMillan & Bei Guo set up at the postcards activation for the Yours Truly screening at Shangri-La, Glastonbury


Mina from Papier (who supported on the design of the postcards) with Tory Lyne-Pirkis


Arcadia stage at Glastonbury


Tory Lyne-Pirkis in full festival getup for Ai-Da the robot at night


Award-winning photographer Ki Price at Shangri-La to take some snaps of Ai-Da the robot


Ann Amarawansa greeting attendees that are writing postcards to prisoners of conscience


Hannah McMillan posing with this impressive statue


Burna Boy performing at the Other Stage at Glastonbury


Midas team all glammed up for Glastonbury 2022


Ann Amarawansa enjoying the night-time attractions at Glastonbury


(From left to right) Tory Lyne-Pirkis, Bei Guo, Hannah McMillan & Ann Amarawansa in front of Ai-Da the robot’s studio at Shangri-La, Glastonbury


Team selfie in front of the Shangri-La entrance sign


Headliner, Kendrick Lamar performing at the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury


Team Midas looking colourful at Glastonbury 2022


Last view of Glastonbury on the final day


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