Midas Festive Traditions for the Christmas Season

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The festive season holds a variety of traditions that many families welcome into their holidays – advent calendars, decorating the Christmas tree, and a Christmas Day roast with all the trimmings. Yet, each family often has their own set of rituals to ensure Christmas feels like Christmas. 

We asked our team to share their special traditions that get them in the festive mood. Here’s what they said…  


Tina Mories – Account Director 

“We wake up at an ungodly hour as Christmas fun must start with immediate effect. We open presents in our pj’s, then off on a forest walk with the dog who will be sporting some sort of Santa themed merch (the dog, not me) and then return home to roast up a storm before watching “It’s A Wonderful Life nursing a food coma”. 


Anna Zanetti – Account Director 

“The 24th of December used to be my maternal grandfather’s birthday, so we used to have a big celebration on that day with my mum’s side of the family. Now that he’s no longer with us, we still treasure the day as a big pre-Christmas family celebration – and in many ways it feels more important than Christmas Day itself!”


Ann Amarawansa – Digital Account Manager 

“Family bingo is a staple part of our festive celebrations. It can get super competitive and always ends in pure chaos, but it wouldn’t be an Amarawansa Christmas without it.”


Hannah Bright – Account Director 

“I have a traditional Christmas film viewing schedule, kicking off with The Holiday (so trashy but I love it) on 1st December and culminating with the Muppets Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve and It’s a Wonderful Life on Christmas Day. I’ve seen them so many times I can quote most of the classics by heart!”


Anna Guement – Company Executive 

“The must for a French xmas on Christmas evening (which is mostly for the adults!) is oysters, fois gras, champagne and the famous buche de Noel (xmas log) which is always beautifully decorated …  traditionally you’re supposed to go to midnight mass (yawn) then eat dessert – 13 of them! yes!! But I skip that now.

…Then the Scottish Christmas, on Christmas day – all go to church in the morning, prepare the full Turkey or Goose luncheon spread, open some presents before and some after, play charades, puzzles, cards, more booze…… and usually fall asleep in front of the fire exhausted and tipsy, then continue through the night!”


Stephen Dumughn –  Marketing Director 

“Boxing Day football! Wouldn’t be Christmas without an extended family visit to a rainy Vicarage Road to watch a disappointing 1-1 draw, with mince pies and a few Celebrations (as opposed to actual celebrations) shared at half time. Then back to my parents to watch films, eat cheese and pretend it never happened.”


Henrietta Richardson – Senior Account Executive 

“A family quiz is a must on Christmas day. The questions range from general knowledge to questions about family members. It’s a very fun and loud part of the day with 25+ people and dogs running around!” 


Jane Lau – Senior Account Executive 

“I don’t have any ‘normal’ Christmas traditions because I’m usually travelling – visiting family and family friends in various places around the world! But maybe, that’s a Christmas tradition in itself.”