Dr Hammond’s Covid Casebook

Throughout the coronavirus crisis, the fortnightly columns of Private Eye’s Medical Correspondent ‘MD’, aka NHS doctor Phil Hammond, have been required reading.


Astute, compassionate and scientifically literate, ‘MD’ has guided Eye readers through each stage of the pandemic, from every perspective: global and national; political and personal.


In an updated collection of his much-praised columns, and with new wisdom gleaned from charting the failures and triumphs in the continuing battle with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, he sets out what went wrong, what went right ̶ and what needs to happen now as new variants emerge and the UK public looks forward to a long-awaited official government public inquiry.


Written by bestselling author and long-standing contributor to Private Eye magazine, Dr Phil Hammond, this is the perfect concise summary of the Pandemic, illustrated with Private Eye’s insightful cartoons.


Author Dr Phil Hammond is a GP, working in the NHS for 34 years. He currently works in a specialist NHS team based at the Royal United Hospital in Bath for young people with severe fatigue, including post viral fatigue and long Covid. He is a writer, broadcaster and possibly the only comedian to appear at a public inquiry. He is Private Eye’s longstanding medical correspondent and broke the story of the Bristol heart scandal in 1992, which lead to the largest public inquiry in British history seven years later.

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