Colossal Words for Kids by Colette Hiller

75 vocabulary-boosting words defined in rhyme to stick in the mind!

From creator of critically acclaimed The B on your Thumb Colette Hiller | illus. by Tor Freeman

09 May 2024 | 7-12 | 64pp PB | £9.99 | 9780711278738 Ebook: 9780711278738

Colette Hiller | Tor Freeman

From acrimonious to voracious, non sequitur to soporific – each big word is defined by way of a rhyme.

Don’t tell me you’ll get round to it! Don’t procrastinate just do it! This lively, humorous book introduces 7-12 year olds to truly colossal words. But these are no ordinary definitions but rather poems! This helps the meaning stick in the mind. Plus it’s entertaining! The words in this collection aren’t just big, but practical words that kids will relish using. Who wants to say second to last, when you could say penultimate!

‘The B on Your Thumb’

A highly praised intro to spelling & grammar

  • ‘Will bear up under repeated childhood readings’ The Wall Street Journal
  • ‘Clever, engaging, educational and fun’ Craig Smith, creator of The Wonky Donkey

Illustrated by award-winning Tor Freeman – the vibrant images are packed with funny detail, adding visual clarity to each definition.

The pages are peppered with relevant quotes and curious notes, gently introducing the likes of Walt Whitman, Dickens and Booker T Washington.

What makes this SO brilliant in helping children learn new words?

  • Effective: when a word’s defined in rhyme, the meaning is clear and it sticks in the mind
  • Visual clarity: witty illustrations reinforce meanings
  • Promotes active learning: The meanings aren’t just told to you, instead they each unfold, revealing themselves in surprising ways.
  • A bit irresistible: kids won’t need persuading to read these
  • Written to speak aloud: Which in turn, boosts memory.
  • A ready to use collection: Read a rhyme once and you’re ready to use the word.


About Colette Hiller:

Colette is an arts producer and children’s writer. Her city wide cultural projects (like London Street Pianos and Talking Statues) have been produced across the world. Her children’s LP Applehead has sold over 50,000 copies.

Her first book, The B on your Thumb (Quarto) was critically received with good sales on both sides of the Atlantic.

About Tor Freeman:

Tor Freeman is a London-based illustrator. In 2012 she was awarded the Sendak Fellowship. In 2017 she won the Guardian Graphic Short Story Prize. Her books include the Digby Dog and Olive series.

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