CJ Daugherty’s Codename Firefly

CJ Daugherty is loved by both teens and school librarians alike, having gained a legion of fans for her compelling Night School series of political thrillers set at an elite boarding school deep in the British Countryside.

Head back to school this September with the latest instalment of the UK’s most gripping young adult series. Perfect for readers aged 13 and upwards, Codename Firefly is a thrilling teen crime novel that tackles subjects including mental health and politics while also being an engaging and compelling read that young readers will devour.

When Gray Langtry, the daughter of the UK Prime Minister, is moved to an elite boarding school for her own protection, her parents and security team believe she’ll be safe from both the press and the assassins who tried to kill her. But they are wrong.

Cloistered behind high walls, Cimmeria Academy provides year-round protection for the children of the country’s most privileged students, but it isn’t ready for the trouble that’s coming. Russian spies are determined to find Gray, and someone in the government is helping them. Even with a bodyguard at her side she feels vulnerable. She still bears the scars — mental and physical — of the attack that almost killed her. She struggles to learn how to trust those around her.

Dylan, a mysterious American student, seems to know more than he should – but he’s always there when Gray needs him. Can she trust him? Can she trust anyone?

As winter closes in and darkness grows, Gray will have to learn fast.

The hunters are coming…

Codename Firefly  is the second book in a new Night School spinoff series that sees CJ Daugherty back at her spine-tingling best.  Gripping, thrilling, and filled with intrigue, Codename Firefly explores the nexus of power in the UK from a teenager’s point of view.