Campaign we loved in January: ZOE x M&S

In the ever-evolving landscape of health and wellness, consumers are increasingly seeking innovative ways to optimise their well-being. Enter ZOE, a ground-breaking health science company, and M&S (Marks & Spencer), a beloved British retailer known for quality and innovation. Together, they’ve embarked on an exciting journey with their new Gut Shot, a 150ml kefir packed with over 5 billion live cultures from 14 strains of friendly bacteria, high in fibre and a source of calcium, which promises to revolutionise the way we think about gut health.


On 2nd January 2024, ZOE and M&S unveiled their newest product to ZOE’s 563K Instagram followers, garnering an impressive 25.9K likes and 1,483 comments at the time our blog was published. Click this link for the full video.

At the heart of this campaign lies the fascination with gut health—a topic garnering increasing attention from both scientists and consumers alike. Exemplified by a conference on YouTube featuring Professor Tim Spector, Co-Founder of ZOE, M&S Food Marketing Director, Sharry Cramond, and M&S Senior Nutritionist, Rebecca Brown, the self-proclaimed ‘personalised nutrition pioneers’ demonstrate how our guts play a crucial role in our overall health and well-being:

Thanks to the viral popularity of #guttok videos, boasting over one billion views on TikTok, coupled with mounting evidence indicating a rise in gut-related health issues—particularly irritable bowel syndrome—and growing research on the impact of diet on overall health, gut health has firmly entered the mainstream and social media top trends.


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In fact, searches for ‘gut health’ on Ocado.com have surged by 247% since 2021, and Kantar identified ‘gut health’ as a top named food trend in 2023. Additionally, according to M&S’s proprietary Family Matters Index, it is indicated that in 2024, half of consumers intend to prioritise healthier eating habits, while a quarter express their intention to concentrate on achieving a balanced diet comprising various foods. This suggests that the interest in queries such as ‘how to enhance gut health,’ ‘which foods promote gut health,’ and ‘gut health supplements’ is expected to persist well into 2024. By 2025, the retailer aims for 70% of total food sales to come from healthier foods.


All in all, the ZOE and M&S partnership with the Gut Shot launch marks a significant step in promoting gut health awareness. From the informative conference to the viral #guttok videos, this campaign has effectively highlighted the importance of prioritising gut health in today’s wellness landscape. With ongoing trends indicating a growing interest in healthier eating habits and gut-friendly products, this collaboration has set the stage for a transformative shift in nutrition and wellness practices. The vision of M&S to underscore healthier food sales highlights the enduring significance of gut health in shaping dietary choices and overall well-being.


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