Campaign we loved in February: Apple Vision Pro

We’re continuing our monthly blog series of campaigns that we loved outside of Midas. In February, we saw the launch of the Apple Vision Pro. Sci-fi looking goggles that blur the line between the virtual world and reality are no longer a thing of the future. You might have seen the popular YouTuber Zac Alsop walking his robodog through the streets of London with the headset strapped to his face, obtaining more than 117K likes on Instagram, or YouTube titan Casey Neistat riding an electric skateboard in busy Manhattan streets, eyes completely obscured by the device in a video that received more than 4 million views on YouTube alone. There was even the X-user, @javhascript, who posted wedding day pictures, where he wore the goggles throughout his special day. It’s safe to say the new Apple Vision Pro goggles, released in the US on the 2nd of February, have clearly taken the digital world by storm.


Apple’s latest augmented reality device uses your eye movements as a mouse and makes the world your screen. With over 200,000 devices sold within only the first 10 days of pre-orders, the steep $3,500 price tag couldn’t prevent people flocking to purchase the latest Apple product.

Apple’s campaign for the product has been further fueled by tutorials, tips, and tricks videos released by the company. However, it’s the influencers pushing boundaries with daring stunts or humorous remarks that are truly amplifying the buzz around Apple Vision Pro. For instance, Jordi Bruin, an avid X-user, who recently shared 21 innovative ways to utilise the headset, from virtual home tours to piano lessons. Another particularly viral video features a man exiting a Cybertruck while wearing the headset, hilariously exaggerating gestures that likely had no real impact on his screen. Whether through adventurous antics or playful banter, Apple Vision Pro is undeniably sparking conversations across the digital landscape.


Influencers are championing the versatility of the headset, showcasing its ability to not only stream YouTube seamlessly but also to simplify content creation. With innovative features like real-time captioning for instant audio transcription and access to powerful video editing apps like Adobe Lightroom and DaVinci Resolve, content creators are finding a wealth of tools at their fingertips. 

Furthermore, various companies have recognised the potential of collaborating with Apple on this innovative digital marketing platform. For instance, with the integration of the Disney+ experience, users can immerse themselves in the universes of beloved franchises like Avengers and Monster’s Inc. Additionally, e.l.f. Cosmetics has introduced the exclusive ‘Your Best e.l.f.’ app, exclusive through the goggles. This unique app not only enables customers to browse and purchase products but also offers wellness activities to help them relax and unwind.

Apple has built a reputation for creating products that not only meet people’s needs but also inspire desires they didn’t even know they had. Just as they’ve been hailed as the trailblazers of augmented reality, they’re also shaping the future of marketing campaigns. Companies like Alo, alongside e.l.f., are venturing into mixed-reality advertising, but they must navigate certain challenges, such as the financial accessibility of these devices for the average consumer and the fact that tech isn’t typically associated with beauty and fashion target markets. Nonetheless, it’s an auspicious beginning, and the emergence of e.l.f.’s pioneering campaign sets a high bar for future endeavors in this digital marketing realm. It’s an exciting time to witness which companies will follow suit and innovate within this new platform, showcasing the potential of well-executed campaigns in this evolving landscape. 


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