Business Leadership Under Fire by Pepyn Dinandt with Richard Westley OBE MC

Published by London Publishing Partnership

10th February 2022

Hardback | £19.99 | ISBN 9781913019426


‘If you only read one business book this year, make sure it is this one.’

Joanne Bennett, Chief Business Officer, Pizza Express

Pepyn Dinandt usually gets parachuted into an organisation only after it realises it is in real trouble. It is his job to assess and understand the situation that faces the business while also devising effective ways forward towards recovery and success. In Business Leadership Under Fire Dinandt draws on his own extensive business experience and, with the help of decorated army officer Colonel Richard Westley, marries this proven expertise with the leadership insights of military thinkers to develop an imaginative and practical nine-step plan for any leader who wishes not simply to survive but to inspire and thrive “under fire”.


Dinandt observes: “During the pandemic when so many things went on pause, I wanted to use the time productively, to reflect on everything I’d learned in my career and to prepare for the next stage in a post-Covid world. There is an SAS saying that how we learn from our successes and failures is what allows us to improve, and this is what I’ve focussed on in Business Leadership Under Fire. The book is the guide I wish I could have read earlier on in my career, drawing on the benefits of hindsight; and it is rooted in the real-life experience with a down to earth approach. The clear and comprehensive nine steps method will help business leaders learn about the strategies, organisational perspective and leadership tactics that I’ve seen first-hand can turn businesses around and put them ahead of their rivals.”


With a foreword by Tim Collins OBE, Business Leadership Under Fire guides readers through a step-by-step strategic leadership plan. Drawing on military and business examples, Dinandt and Westley explain the reasoning behind each of the outlined steps and discuss how to execute them successfully.


Citing examples from his own 30-year career and reflecting on the strategies of other well-known organisations such as Tesla, Netflix, Nokia, Kodak and M&S, Dinandt gives structured, tangible advice to help business leaders steer their companies through times of uncertainty and crisis. Westley adds to this by drawing on his own military experience leading missions in countries including Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan as well as referring to recognised military practices.


Taking lessons forged on the front lines of both the military and commercial worlds, the nine steps outlined in Business Leadership Under Fire will help industry leaders navigate their companies through turbulent times.




About the Authors

Pepyn Dinandt is a business executive with thirty years of experience successfully leading the restructuring and transformation of companies in challenging situations at CEO and chairman level.

Born Amsterdam, Pepyn has lived in a number of countries over the years including Turkey, Ireland, Switzerland, South America, and the UK, where he attended university. He now lives in Germany with his wife and four children.


Richard Westley commanded soldiers on operations at every rank from Second Lieutenant to Colonel in environments as disparate as Albania, Afghanistan, Cote d’Ivoire and the Balkans.

He retired from the Army in 2010 having been responsible for all pre-deployment training for UK forces bound for Iraq and Afghanistan for 3 years. He now runs his own consulting business with a diverse portfolio of clients.

Praise for Business Leadership Under Fire

‘I thoroughly recommend Business Leadership Under Fire. It is a valuable guide to dealing with the unexpected challenges that can stall the growth of even the most successful firms. Leaders setting out on their journey will be presented with an inspiring, helpful

guide packed full of strategies that they can try, but even old hands will find that there is plenty that can be learned here.’ — From the foreword by Tim Collins, OBE


‘Rooted in the hard-edge, real-life experience of the battlefield and boardroom.’ — Sir Roger Carr, Chairman, BAE Systems


‘Inspirational boardroom reading in times of transformational change.’ — Johannes Huth, Head of KKR & Co LLP, EMEA


‘Nine simple steps that can be applied by anyone in any organization. Essential reading.’ Holger Engelmann, CEO Webasto SE

Contact Information

Pepyn Dinandt is available for interview and to write features.

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