A Few Wise Words from 22 Exceptional Individuals

In order to find success, we first need to find our direction…

When we are young, the greatest challenge we face is knowing how to find our initial direction. Where do we look? What exactly are we looking for? What talents do we have? When we are older and our journey is already underway, the questions change. How can we become the very best version of ourselves? How can we improve our game and move up? What resources can we tap into to help us?

A Few Wise Words is jam-packed with wisdom and advice from twenty-two exceptional individuals, all of whom have already achieved extraordinary success in their own lives. This book has been crafted to present the ultimate travelling companion and guide for our journey, enabling us to plan carefully for what lies ahead, learn how to find our passion, and discover our motivation. It will then help us to move forward with confidence and a clear understanding of what we need to do next. There are, of course, many routes that can lead to success and this book can help anyone to explore which path is the right one for them.

Compiled and edited by Peter Mukherjee, A Few Wise Words delivers a rich and varied collection of personal insights, knowledge, and advice from this exceptional group of individuals, all of whom are willing to share what they believe will enable any one of us to find our success, purpose and happiness in life. It will guide any young person, young adult or indeed, any person who has aspirations to do well in life, on how to get started and then how to stay on track. It is a book we can dip in and out of at any time during our journey for inspiration, advice and the guidance we need.



  • Sir Ben Ainslie
  • Frank Arnesen
  • Zak Brown
  • Ursula Burns
  • Sir Roger Carr
  • Sherry Coutu
  • Pablo Ettinger
  • Mikhail Fridman
  • Stephen Fry
  • Dame Katherine Grainger
  • Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson
  • Anya Hindmarch
  • Declan Kelly
  • Dame Martha Lane-Fox
  • Joanna Lumley
  • Dame Carolyn McCall
  • Sir Keith Mills
  • Vin Murria
  • Danielle de Niese
  • Rabbi Jonathan Sacks
  • Shriti Vadera
  • Sir Clive Woodward