5 Meta-tastic tips for conquering Threads

Threads is the amazing new way to captivate your followers and spark meaningful conversations, whilst exploring and connecting with people across the vast universe of meta. Poised to give Elon Musk’s Twitter a run for its money, and with striking similarities to its rival, Threads – created by Instagram aka Mark Zuckerberg – is a platform that packs a punch, allowing users to connect and share their thoughts in 500 characters or less (in comparison to Twitter’s 280 character cap). Rumour has it that even Musk and Zuckerberg are preparing to duke it out in a cage fight over their rivalry!

With an astounding surge of 100 million users joining in just one week, it’s clear that Threads is a force to be reckoned with in the world of social networking.  Here’s five Meta-tastic tips to get you started. 


First things First

Ready to level up your social media game? Just dive into your app store and hunt down ‘Threads, an Instagram app.’ To set up and create your profile on Threads, you’ll need to create or use a pre-existing Instagram account login. Once you have confirmed these details, your Instagram account will then be verified and carried over to Threads, where you’ll be able to customise your profile specifically for the platform. Now that you are set up, you are ready to start posting!

Craft Compelling Posts

Posts are your chance to grab attention and entice your followers to dive deeper into your thread. Be creative and concise when crafting your posts. Pairing captivating hooks, intriguing questions or witty wordplay with eye-catching images or videos increases your chances of really making your Threads stand out, whilst adding depth and relatability to your content. You can make your content more engaging, by adding a photo, video etc. – you do this by pressing the the paper clip icon right below the text. Using a mix of posts, visuals and even short videos will take your followers on an engaging journey through your threads.


Tag, you’re it

Hashtags – a key element of Twitter’s identity and widely used on other social platforms including Instagram, Facebook and TikTok – are currently not supported on Threads. You can include hashtags within posts, but these aren’t clickable and won’t increase the reach of your post as the platform doesn’t allow users to search for specific content. However, users needn’t worry as you can boost visibility of your content by tagging other accounts in your posts, similar to Instagram. So be sure to tag other relevant accounts that are relevant to the topic or theme. This ensures that your content reaches your target audiences and increases the chances of meaningful engagement/resharing.


Embrace the Art of Threadception

Threadception, or creating threads within threads, taking conversations to a multiversal level of depth, is the Russian nesting doll of discussions! When you come across a particularly interesting comment or topic within a thread, don’t be afraid or hesitate to repost it (essentially like Retweeting on Twitter). This allows for more focused discussions while keeping the overall conversation organised.

Building your Threads Community

Threads provides a temporary badge, represented by an “@” symbol followed by a number  (or digit in the case of ‘Zuck’), in the user’s Instagram bio to indicate their active presence on the new platform. Threads’ bottom navigation bar features a search icon, granting easy access to the search page. From there, users can find and follow their favorite influencers, authors, media personalities, celebrities, and more just by searching for their names or Instagram profiles. The search results also display the number of followers each account has, aiding in the discovery of new and exciting accounts to follow. With Threads, users can effortlessly curate a personalised feed based on their interests and passions.


With more updates on the way as Zuckerberg plans to make Meta’s first app compatible with an open social networking protocol, Threads is the latest lifeblood of online conversations. Crafting an effective Thread doesn’t have to be daunting. With these simple tips in mind, you can now create engaging content that resonates with your audience. But remember, this is a new platform so it’s a learning curve for everybody, and, importantly, don’t forget to have fun with it. Happy threading!

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