The world’s first ever novel published by a think tank

Pop Star Jihadi

By Nick Tyrone

Published 7th February 2019

Paperback £7.99

In a world of fake news, who can you trust?


Summer, 2018. Global pop sensation, Noah Hastings, takes to the stage to perform a concert in New York City. Several songs in, Noah detonates a bomb that is strapped to his chest, killing himself and ninety-one of his fans.

Speculation about the pop star’s motivation for the crime runs riot until the authorities conclude, given circumstantial evidence, that fundamentalist Islamism was the prime inspiration for the suicide/murder. However, when this is discovered not to be the case, and a whole other ideology was supposedly at work, what happens then? Nina Hargreaves, an investigative journalist, travels around America searching for the real story. She gets close to the truth – but also risks losing everything she has in the process.

Pop Star Jihadi is an exploration of how, in a world where media is fragmented and debate so polarized, it becomes impossible to know what’s real any more, even when the truth is revealed. With the decline of investigative journalism and the explosion of the blogosphere, echo chambers and alternative facts, Nick Tyrone explores the corrosive effect of fake news on contemporary society.

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