Victoria Fox launches sixth novel

The biggest beach read of the summer has landed as Mira books launch Victoria Fox’s sizzling sixth novel The Santiago Sisters. Described by the Daily Express as “the perfect beach read of the summer” and with a five star review from Heat magazine, The Santiago Sisters sees the feisty women’s fiction author back at the top of her game, delivering a fantastic escapist read perfect for summer 2016.

When Argentinian twin sisters Calida and Terisita Santiago are ripped apart aged 15 they think they will never see each other again. Wrenched from her poor but happy life on their family farm Terisita is adopted by world-famous British actress Simone Geddes, who plans to make her into a superstar actress and showers with all that money can buy. Terisita is in her element and on the road to becoming one of the world’s most lusted after and loved movie stars. Utterly betrayed by her sister, Calida vows that no matter how famous or successful her twin sister becomes, she will fight her way to the top and take on Terisita, letting nothing stand in her way, not even falling in love.  But no-one can predict the explosive events which finally bring the Santiago sisters into the spotlight together. Expect scandal, sex and lashings of summer sun.

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