Out today: How to Reform a Business School: The Ivy League Way By Ashish Jaiswal

Published today (16th February 2015: OxCHEPS) is Ashish Jaiswal’s erudite and fascinating How to Reform a Business School: The Ivy League Way

How to Reform a Business School by Oxford academic and founder of The School of Business Schools, Ashish Jaiswal, is a groundbreaking exploration of these important establishments. Uncovering the major failings, challenges and lessons for the future, the book focuses on the common mistakes made by business school leaders which often lead their institutions into alternating bouts of self-destruction and self-interest.

Jaiswal uses the Yale School of Management as an in-depth case study to showcase the principal reasons business schools need to reform. Yale is a rising institution whose innovative practices are poised to disrupt the stale hegemony within higher education business studies. Jaiswal reveals the secrets of Yale’s success, including its pioneering MBA curriculum. He then explores the lessons that could help business schools around the world achieve similar pedagogical success.

While the shortcomings of business schools are increasingly played out in the public eye, this is the first time a comprehensive study has been carried out into how business education has evolved over the years, where the current system is failing its students, and why it needs to change in future. How to Reform a Business School brings the dazzling insight and long perspective of academic study to a milieu not known for introspection and establishes Jaiswal as the leading voice in the debate.

About the author

Ashish Jaiswal is an associate fellow at the Oxford Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies and the founder of The School of Business Schools. Ashish holds a DPhil (PhD) in Business Education from New College, University of Oxford having researched curricular and pedagogical innovation in business schools. He lives in Oxford, UK with his wife Pooja and daughter Navya Sara. How to Reform a Business School: The Ivy League Way is his first non-fiction title based on research from his doctoral studies.

The book is out today and can be purchased at Amazon


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