This Summer’s Best Beach Reads – The Night Road by Kristin Hannah

The original TV Book Club is back, boasting a short list of authors who include a major motion picture writer and producer, Sweden’s top selling writer and a Pulitzer Prize winner.

The eight selected titles in this Summer’s series will be reviewed on a weekly basis as part of the TV Book Club’s Summer Read strand, which recommends books perfect for holiday getaways. New to this run are exclusive profile interviews with of some the world’s biggest authors including Philip Pullman, Ken Follett, Jackie Collins, Joanne Harris, Jilly Cooper and Jacqueline Wilson.

This week’s title is The Night Road by Kristin Hannah airing on Sunday 17 July, More4

About the Book:

Lexi and Mia are inseparable from the moment they start high school. Different in so many ways – Lexi is an orphan and lives with her aunt on a trailer park, while Mia is a golden girl blessed with a loving family, and a beautiful home. Yet they recognize something in each other which sets them apart from the crowd, and Mia comes to rely heavily on Lexi’s steadfast friendship.

Mia’s beloved, and incredibly good-looking, twin brother Zach, finds life much less complicated than his sister. Jude thought she’d never have to worry about her son, that he’d always sail through life easily achieving whatever he, and his family, wanted and expected – but then he fell in love.

The summer they graduated is a time they will always remember, and one they could never forget. It is a summer of love, best friends, shared confidences and promises. Then one moment one night changes them all forever. As hearts are broken, loyalties challenged and hopes dashed, the time has come to leave childhood behind and learn to face the future.

You can also catch last week’s title on repeat . A Visit From The Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan airing on Saturday 16 July, Channel4

About the Book:

From Africa to Naples, New York to San Francisco, record producers to genocidal generals, Jennifer Egan tears through the lives of her characters with verve and guile: Lou, a coke-snorting, teenage-girl-seducing music producer in the 1970s; his prodigy, Bennie, a music producer himself, who hires a young woman, Sasha, who has a problem with kleptomania; she has a one night stand with Alex, who in the not-too-distant future is hired by Bennie to engineer the comeback of Bennie’s high school friend, Scott, who went off the radar but turns up one day in Bennie’s office with a fish he’d caught in the East River, where Sasha’s college boyfriend, Rob, had once gone for an early morning swim with tragic consequences; Bennie’s wife works for a publicist named Dolly whose daughter, Lulu, will end up working with Alex; Bennie’s wife’s brother is a journalist who attempts to rape of an actress named Kitty Jackson who in her declining years is later hired by Dolly to enable the public rehabilitation of a Latin American dictator.

A Visit From the Goon Squad captures the moments where lives interact as these characters’ fortunes ebb and flow; sometimes they are popular and affluent, other times down and out. Egan depicts, with elegant prose and often heart-wrenching simplicity, the sad consequences for those who couldn’t fake it during their wild youth – madness, suicide or prison – in this captivating, wryly humorous story of temptation and loss.

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