The real message of Christmas, for the Twitter generation

Just in time for Christmas, the Twitter phenomenon has reached the world’s most famous book: The Bible.

In a world where 140 characters can rouse instant global interest, one man has taken the challenge of condensing the Bible into just 100 chapters of 100 words each to create The 100 Word Bible.

The Christmas Story has been reduced to just 32 words: ‘Christianity alone of all the great religions offers the crazy idea that God, all of God, God in his stupendous entirety, becomes a baby, a youth, a man, with us on Earth.’

This concise interpretation of the cherished Nativity Story makes up just one of 100 entries in this digestible version of the Bible, perfect for the Twitter generation.

Written by Jonny Griffiths and Published by Darton Longman Todd on Monday 21st December 2009, priced £4.95, paperback

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