The Brand Messiah; A Timely Lesson for our Age

Jonathan Gabay appeared on the Vanessa Feltz Show, BBC London 94.9, on 1st June, talking about VISA and the Olympics. Listen to the show here.

Jonathan Gabay appeared on the Tony LIvesey Show, Radio Five Live, talking about the Advertising Standard Agency 50th anniversary. Listen to the show here.

You can also watch videos of Jonanthan Gabay’s appearences here.

The Brand Messiah by Jonathan Gabay

Published by Marshall Cavendish on 14th June

Jonathan Gabay is a leading branding authority, with over thirty years practical experience in branding, advertising, journalism, PR and marketing education. He comments regularly on TV (including ITN, Sky, BBC, Channel4, ABC News, Bloomberg and CNN). The media trust him for insights behind some of the biggest international news-breaking marketing and business stories. Jonathan also regularly addresses international conferences on brand trends, PR crisis management and consumer motives. 

His latest book, The Brand Messaih, is a timely modern-day parable that challenges readers’ current values; encouraging them to examine their deepest principles and aspirations. This is a powerful tale, resonating with one’s own experiences at work and home – and so jolts convictions.

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