The $100 Startup – How to live a remarkable life in an unconventional world

Following on from the phenomenal success of his first book, the international bestseller The Art of Non-conformity, Chris Guillebeau’s new book The $100 Startup was launched in London last Friday.

The sun was beaming down outside, but that didn’t stop around 100 avid fans cramming into the popular Shoreditch nightspot to meet Chris and learn about his new book, which has already taken the US by storm, reaching the dizzying heights of number 16 on the Amazon chart.

The $100 Startup shows readers how they can break free from the nine-to-five and make money doing something they love. Chris began his own journey in to the world of self-employment a decade ago and is now on a mission to show others how they too can have it all, by creating a micro-business on the cheap that generates enough money to support a life of meaning and adventure.                                                                                 

In Chris’ travels to more than 190 countries he identified over 1,000 interesting examples of people who have created a fulfilling life by following their dreams. Chris narrowed them down and in the book uses the most valuable examples to show that all you need to find freedom and success is an idea and a passion.

The $100 Startup is all about finding the connection between what you like to do and what other people are interested in. You don’t need an MBA, venture capital, or even employees. All you need is a product or service that flows from what you love to do anyway, people willing to pay and a way to get paid.

The $100 Startup by Chris Guiillebeau is published in paperback by Macmillian, out now

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