Stephen Fry praises The Elements / New iPad App launches straight into Top 10

‘The Best App of all… Alone worth iPad.’ – Stephen Fry

The Elements: A Visual Exploration is the most beautiful, most interactive, most inspiring book ever created. It is launching in four new fully-translated editions for iPad on the App Store. The Elements is the closest thing you’ll find to a magic book. Stephen Fry, one of the first independent reviewers to experience The Elements, tweets: ‘Best App of all… Everything is animated and gorgeous. Alone worth iPad.’

With the iPad now selling in UK, The Elements shows this new platform at its very best.

Produced by Touch Press, this groundbreaking eBook lets the user experience all the elements in 3D, seen floating in front of their iPad. Complete with highly informative and accessible text, written by popular science writer Theodore Gray, The Elements is the most advanced book ever created. Greeted by rave reviews at its launch in the USA in April – including Xeni Jardin of Boing Boing, who blogs, ‘It’s dazzling – it makes science feel like magic in your hands’ – The Elements is the must-have App for all iPad owners, anyone interested in science, and book lovers who wants to experience the revolutionary power of the new publishing medium. Following its USA launch, The Elements has consistently appeared in the Top 10 Highest Grossing iPad Apps, and has already sold over 30,000 copies in the US market.

The App starts as a living periodic table where every element is represented by a smoothly rotating sample. To read about tin, tap on the tin soldier. To read about gold, tap on the gold nugget. Immediately readers see a sample of the element filling most of the large screen, photographed to razor sharpness and rotating through 360 degrees before your eyes. Tapping on the Wolfram|Alpha button for gold reveals up-to-the-minute market pricing, along with a hundred other useful facts about that precious metal. A double-tap on any element brings it up full screen. Tap again and the image splits into a pair of stereo 3D images. Using 3D glasses (available from users can see all 500 objects float out off the screen and spin, still in full 3D, at the touch of a finger. You can’t get more virtually real than that.

‘We expect The Elements to be the flagship of a new generation of eBooks,’ says Theodore Gray of Touch Press. ‘With iPad and The Elements, we are setting the bar high and look forward to expanding to new titles.’

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The Elements App for iPad is available now from the App Store (£7.99) on iPad or at