Sorry Barbie but pink stinks, finds survey by Dressipi

Dressipi reveals British women prefer blues, blacks and reds to feminine colours

The stereotype that women prefer soft hues and girly pinks has been turned on its head by a survey from fashion recommendation site Dressipi, which has discovered that British women don’t like Barbie’s favourite colour and instead prefer to fill their wardrobes with blue.

Dressipi asked more than 175,000 women to name their most and least favoured colours as they signed up for the site’s style recommendation service. The results revealed that British women are blue at heart, with 38% saying it was their favourite colour, significantly ahead of black (26%) and red (24%). Rich and gothic purples came fourth with just under 24% while green was close behind in fifth place as the favourite of 22% of women.

In terms of least favourite colours, while yellows and oranges were prevalent on the spring-summer catwalks, both in softer tones as well as with designers’ new love for all things fluorescent, they got a resounding thumbs down from shoppers. 31% of women declared yellow to be their least favourite colour, and 21% particularly disliked orange. Perhaps the most surprising addition to the bottom five colours was pink, which was disliked by 14% of women despite (or perhaps because!) of it being the colour most closely associated with femininity.

Dressipi is an online fashion recommendation service which has unrivalled insight into the minds of female shoppers through the Fashion Fingerprint it creates for every one of its customers. The Fashion Fingerprint is a detailed combination of size, body shape, personal taste and favourite brands that adds up to an online expression of every woman’s unique sense of style. 

Dressipi stylist Natalie Theo said, “As women become more confident and are throwing off stereotypical roles at work, home and play, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see them doing the same with their wardrobes. The idea that all women should and do love pink is outdated. Strong colours have consistently dominated the catwalks. This spring/summer season both red and black – usually associated with autumn/winter – are key shades. Blues are fantastically serviceable and black forms the basis for a sensational capsule wardrobe.”

Donna Kelly, who co-founded Dressipi after realising that retailers could also benefit from a service capable of tracking hundreds of thousands of women’s sense of style down to the smallest detail, added “Every season high street retailers are faced with the sometimes stiff challenge of converting catwalk colour trends into collections they can sell to ordinary women. Historically this process has tended to be a little hit and miss, but better customer intelligence has the power to change this. For example, while our data indicates that retailers will have little difficulty in shifting blue, black and red garments they may have a more challenging time with yellow and orange lines. Armed with insight like this we can look forward to a future where retailers, many of which are already reaping the benefits of a ‘fast fashion’ ethos, can design, make and sell the on-trend clothes that real women want to buy.”

Read more about Dressipi’s survey in The Mail Online

For more information on Dressipi and its Colours survey contact Tori Dance at Midas PR on 0207 3617860.

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