Sharjah International Book Fair Professional Programme 2012

Showcasing Arabic authors  ?  Enabling rights deals  ?  Promoting international literature, SIBF translation fund

 2011 saw the launch of the inaugural Professional Programme, designed for global audiences and aiming to facilitate the translation of titles in and out of Arabic. The Professional Programme includes a series of bespoke matchmaking sessions, networking events, educational programmes and access to the continuing $300,000 fund to provide translation grants.

The programme expects attendance Arab publishers and a range of professionals from the international Rights community, including rights professionals. The fair will also be attended by Arab authors, booksellers and wholesales, and key English Language book buyers from major institutions including libraries. 

“It was such a great fair, great program, great hospitality, great business opportunities, great selection of international publishers.

I am so happy to be involved and will be promoting it everywhere.”

Nermin Mollaoglu, Kalem Agency

To register your interest to take part in the 2012 Professional Programme, please email [email protected]

More information about the Sharjah International Book Fair can be found at

About Sharjah International Book fair

The Sharjah International Book Fair (7 – 17 November) is a premier opportunity to sell books, discover new writers, introduce new reading technologies, promote literacy and a love for the written word across UAE and the Arab World. It presents many opportunities for Arabic writers to be translated around the world and introduces many international authors to an Arabic audience.

2011 marked the 30th Anniversary of the Sharjah International Book Fair. The 10-day annual fair is a key event in the international publishing calendar which showcases more than 750 publishers from 42 nations and averages 400,000 visitors.

2011 authors included:

  • Sally Gardner
  • George Goodwin
  • Sunetra Gupta
  • Peter James
  • Robert Kelsey
  • Robert Lacey
  • Kate Mosse
  • Greg Mosse
  • Dominic Prince
  • Andrew Rawnsley
  • Alex Scarrow
  • Rowland White
  • David Whitley

2011 cooks included:

  • Robert Arbor
  • Sophie Grey
  • Rose Prince
  • Amy Riolo