Severn House debut author featured in PW

Severn House’s exciting debut author Clea Koff receives a great mention in the latest issue of PW, in the run up to the release of her highly anticipated debut novel Freezing.

A thrilling insight into the world of real life forensic scientists, Freezing explores the lives of the people whose work takes them to both morgues and mass graves, putting them in touch with victims of both domestic crime and war crimes.

When a bundle of frozen body parts tumbles out the rear door of a van on a Los Angeles freeway, FBI agent Scott Houston knows just where to go for an off-the-record analysis: Agency 32/1, a non-profit missing persons identification resource centre run by forensic anthropologists Jayne Hall and Steelie Lander, who are swiftly drawn into a coast to coast murder investigation. But how much are they willing to put their own lives in jeopardy in order to find answers for the families of missing persons?

Clea Koff is a forensic anthropologist and author.  She was a member of the first international forensic team brought together by the United Nations to investigate evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity, commencing in Rwanda in 1996.  She subsequently participated in missions in Bosnia, Croatia, and Kosovo, where she was Deputy Chief Anthropologist of the International Criminal Tribunal Morgue in 2000. The Bone Woman, Koff’s memoir of her experiences working for the war crimes tribunals, was published by Random House in 2004 and has been translated into eleven languages and published in thirteen countries.  She now works in Los Angeles with the non-profit organization she founded, the Missing Persons Identification Resource Center (MPID), which develops forensic profiles of missing persons in order to assist identifications of those estimated 40,000 unidentified bodies held by coroners’ offices across the USA.  For more information please visit

Freezing is the first in a new series and is published by Severn House this August – For more information please email: [email protected].