Sara Le Roy opens UK’s first 3D art exhibition at Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery

3D Tales: The Disenchanted Forest, a solo exhibition by self-taught Dutch artist Sara Le Roy, opened last night on Thursday 23rd February at Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery in London. The show was the UK’s first 3D painting exhibition and all visitors to the show were wearing 3D glasses for a unique interactive experience. The exhibition runs until 23rd March 2017.

Sara Le Roy’s 3D paintings are created with overlays of red and green to conjure a haunting three-dimensional world when viewed through 3D glasses. Sara has previously worked as a CGI body-model for Disney and for computer-game-makers and now she’s applying the same interactive, ‘ultra-real’ idea to painting.

Le Roy’s stunning macabre renditions of fairytale princesses and childhood icons take the innocence of classic stories to the darkest layer of the human psyche. The 3D effect of Le Roy’s paintings invites the viewer on a surreal journey into the disturbing fate of her re-imagined modern day fairytales. The 3D glasses augment this effect; we literally go through the looking glass.

3D Tales: The Disenchanted Forest by Sara Le Roy at Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery is open now until 23rd March 2017. You can see more of Sara’s work here.

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