Saatchi Gallery presents Kaleidoscope 15 March – 5 May 2019

London, UK: Saatchi Gallery presents Kaleidoscope, a new exhibition featuring the work of 9 international contemporary artists working across a variety of mediums, including Laura Buckley’s interactive large-scale kaleidoscope Fata Morgana.

The immersive piece will be making its first major public appearance as a part of the exhibition. Dazzling and disorienting, Buckley’s hexagonal walk-in installation invites the audience to be absorbed into the work through its mirrored walls, changing imagery and audio.

Kaleidoscope examines the distortion of human perception, moving from normal domestic spaces, to turbulent nautical vistas and eventually complete abstraction. From the disruptive work of Mia Feuer, who addresses the post-natural landscape and our effect on it, to Pierre Carreau’s emotionally charged depictions of waves, the diverse media on display form a kaleidoscopic representation of the world, revealing a constantly changing sequence of elements and mediums.

Kaleidoscope presents an exciting mixture of contemporary artists from around the world. Other featured artists include Tillman Kaiser whose dynamic paintings and sculptural works are meditations of history, style and form; Whitney Bedford whose tempestuous seascapes act as motifs for connecting the past and the present, and the young painter Florence Hutchings who will be presenting a series of vivid still-life paintings inspired by everyday life.

Kaleidoscope is a timely exploration of our relationship with our surroundings, asking viewers to reconsider the way we engage with our environment – and indeed art itself – with our senses.

Laura Buckley
Mia Feuer
Tillman Kaiser
Whitney Bedford
Tom Howse
Florence Hutchings
Pierre Carreau
Peter Linde Busk
Benedetto Pietromarchi

Entry to the exhibition is free.

For more information, contact Tory Lyne-Pirkis [email protected] 020 7361 7879 and Kasimiira Kontio [email protected] 020 7361 7876


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