Saatchi Gallery artist sets fire to Banque de France in protest art performance

Petr Pavlensky, a protest artists whose work will be the subject of an exhibition at Saatchi Gallery (Art Riot: Post Soviet Actionism) next month has just been arrested in France for setting Banque de France on fire as part of a protest performance.

The fire which he started during the early hours of 16th October was a protest against the economic system in Europe. In a statement following his protest performance Petr Pavlensky denounced “the bankers (who) took the place of the monarchs” and appealed to “the great French Revolution” to bring down the financial system.

The protest artist has previously nailed his scrotum to red square in Moscow and wrapped himself in barbed wire to protest against the Russian government. Petr gained notoriety on 2012 after sewing his mouth shut to support the arrested feminist rock protest group Pussy Riot. He is currently residing in Paris after fleeing from Russia.

Photo credit: © Marc CHAUMEIL / Divergence

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