OUT NOW: Ruby Rides an Elephant by Ruby Lovell & Zara Merrick

Midas PR are delighted to celebrate the publication of Ruby Rides An Elephant, written by debut author Ruby Lovell, illustrated by Zara Merrick and published today by Lychee Books. The first in a new series, this colourful adventure featuring a mixed-race main character and the vibrant colours, sounds and flavours of South Asia, this book will spark curiosity about new cultures and is an excellent tool for teaching children about racial inclusivity.

The book’s author Ruby Lovell, originally from Sri Lanka, was inspired to write this diverse and inclusive picture book after struggling to find children’s book representative of her own mixed race children. After meeting illustrator Zara Merrick at the school gates in Putney, these two mothers teamed up to create this vibrant new picture book that celebrates diversity and encourages curiosity in other cultures.

Ruby Rides an Elephant was strongly inspired by Ruby’s own personal experiences growing up in Colombo, Sri Lanka and the bedtime stories she grew up listening to from her grandmother. The adventures of the titular character Ruby also draw directly from adventures Ruby would take with the her own children on yearly visits back to Sri Lanka, from visiting elephant sanctuaries to trying fresh coconut for the first time at bustling markets. Ruby feels strongly that books exploring other cultures are essential to developing children’s empathy and understanding of others, and was determined to fill the gap in the book market for diverse books featuring characters of colour. Artist Zara Merrick brings to life the vivid colours, tastes and sounds of Sri Lanka with bright and whimsical illustrations that capture the atmosphere of this extraordinary island.

The book has already received a huge amount of support, with Mojo Mums calling it ‘a brilliant way to take a peek into another country and culture’ and Families Cambridge and Oxford Magazines calling it ‘‘a warm and vibrantly illustrated new book… the perfect adventurous escape. Perfect for primary age kids’. Ruby Lovell has already appeared on BBC London Jo Good Show, London Live News, BBC Radio Leeds, WM, Northampton, Stoke and will be appearing on BBC Radio Scotland Janice Forsyth Show and BBC Asian Network in the coming week.

Ruby Rides an Elephant is available from Amazon and Waterstones. Ruby Lovell and Zara Merrick will be hosting a free and public launch event at Waterstones Putney Exchange on Saturday 24th March from 3-4pm. Ruby will be reading from the book with Zara leading a draw-along, joined by traditional Sri Lankan drummers and dancers. Come along for a day of culture, colour, music and fun.






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