Robin Duval to release Below the Thunder next year – a tale of international conspiracy

by Robin Duval
Published by Matador
February 2013, price £7.99, paperback original

Robin Duval’s follow-up to Bear in the Woods is a heart-in-mouth tale of international conspiracy, self-discovery and love

Fortyish professor Bryn Williams enjoys the simple things in life – history books, real ale and Wagner. So when, one summer evening in Bavaria, he meets a beautiful woman and a mysterious American – and is caught up in a scuffle with a stranger – Bryn has no way of recognising the extreme danger into which he has fallen.

Until, that is, hiking several weeks later in the Californian mountains, he stumbles upon a newly dead body with a single shot wound to the head. When he discovers the identity of the killer and reports it to the San Francisco police, his motel room is blown up.

Fearing further attempts on his life, he flees north and is intercepted near the border by two familiar faces. He learns at last the reason for his predicament and about a plot to plunge the Middle East into turmoil and destroy the American President.

He is persuaded – by love rather than good judgement – to accept a mission that will defeat the conspiracy, and finds himself drawn into a web of deceit whose true nature only gradually becomes apparent. As the narrative races towards its unexpected and shocking climax, Bryn discovers untapped reserves of talent.

This is a tale about the underbelly of American and international politics, the secret forces that drive individuals and nations towards destruction and the triumph of an unlikely hero.

About the author:
ROBIN DUVAL was born in Liverpool and educated at King Edward’s School Birmingham, University College London and the University of Michigan as a Fulbright Scholar. The greater part of his career has been spent in the film and television industry as a writer, producer, executive and regulator. From 1999 to 2004, he was Director of the British Board of Film Classification, for which he received a CBE. He lives and writes in West London.

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