Richard W Boardman and Patrice Lombardi / New works @ Medici Gallery

This December painter Patrice Lombardi and sculptor Richard W Boardman will present their third joint show at the Medici Gallery in London, with many new works exhibited by both artists.

Bronze sculpture and paintings
9 December 2010 – 4 January 2011
Medici Gallery, 5 Cork Street, London W1S 3LQ

About the artists:

Patrice Lombardi follows in the tradition of European painting, working mainly with oil paints on canvas or wood, using twenty to thirty layers to create strong images and a richness of colour.  A good part of her current work is inspired by classical sculpture, and it is these paintings that will form the majority of those on display at the Medici Gallery.  Key works include Hypnos on Orange, inspired by the Greek bronze of Hypnos at the British Museum, Venus on Red inspired by a Greek sculpture in stone at the Metropolitan Museum of New York and Goddess Triptych inspired by the Greek stone head of an Amazon at the Musei Capitolini in Rome.

Richard W Boardman was exposed at an early age to the rich use of animal imagery in Russian folk stories.  In his own work he has continued the development and symbolic use of animal images such as the bird, the fox and the Egyptian inspired Sphinx, interpreting each form with his own highly developed sense of aesthetics and humour. His sculptures are in bronze, and small sculpture projects are realised in silver.  At the Medici Gallery, Richard W Boardman will present both favourites, such as his Elephant, Squirrel, Fox and Dachshund, as well as new pieces including the Wild Boar and the Flying Pig.

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