Podcast: How to set up a new political party, with Nick Silver, founder of Radix

In this one-off special of House of Comments, Emma Burnell interviews Nick Silver, founder of Radix and author of new book A Guide to New Political Movements: How to do politics in the 21st century.

They discuss the ‘radical centre’, leadership, ideology and what it takes to succeed in modern politics.

Radix, the think tank for the radical centre, have published the essential guide to launching a successful new political party called A Guide to New Political Movements. Based on original research and showing what lessons UK parties can learn from their foreign counterparts – in particular France’s En Marche!, Italy’s Five Star Movement, Spain’s Podemos and the Canadian Liberal Party – the guide analyses what shape new political movements could and should take in order to succeed. Is there some off-the-shelf recipe for success that aspiring new entrants can follow?

Exceptionally topical, the guide is written by Nick Silver, founder and co-director of Radix, and Zoe Hodge, research fellow at Radix.

The paper is now available as an e-book, and in paperback from 25 April 2019.

For more information, please contact Amelia Knight [email protected] or Anna Zanetti [email protected].

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