PERFECTIoNISM (PART III) group exhibition launches at the Griffin Gallery



Curated by Becca Pelly-Fry

Griffin Gallery is delighted to present their annual flagship exhibition, PERFECTIoNISM (part III) – The Alchemy of Making, curated by Gallery Director Becca Pelly-Fry. The exhibition explores the ancient idea of artists-as-alchemists and through the transformative nature of contemporary artistic practice. It will feature nine London artists; from award winning sculptor, and former Natural History Museum artist in residence, Tessa Farmer, who stages tiny, skeleton fairies on insect carcasses (see above), to the three-dimensional painter Piers Secunda, who makes life-sized sculptures out of industrial floor paint, the artists demonstrate how source materials can be transformed into something spectacular. Other artists include Liane Lang, known for her suggestions of animacy within figurative sculpture, created by documenting and staging museum objects in her photographs, as well as creating her own lifelike sculptures, and Nikolai Ishchuck, who creates photosculptures by layering photographs with paint, lacquer and concrete to form sculptures that look like vestigial, archaeological remains.

The exhibition does not seek to be perfect, nor show perfect artists, instead, each exhibition within the Perfectionism series aims to investigate and celebrate meticulous artistic methodology and process. The first Perfectionism exhibition explored this idea in general, the second took it further, investigating repetition, and the upcoming exhibition will examine the transformation of materials. Specifically, the artists will explore how the appearance and character of source materials can be altered through innovative processes, and the resulting change of status or presence of the materials,

Perfectionism III Features the artists: Tessa Farmer, Alastair Gordon, Caroline Jane Harris, Darren Harvey Regan, Nikolai Ishchuk, Liane Lang, Neal Rock, Piers Secunda, Onya McCausland.

The Studio Building

21 Evesham Street

London W11 4AJ

0208 424 3203 /  [email protected]

Opening Times

Monday – Tuesday         10:00-17:00

Friday                             10:00-16:00

Saturday and Sunday 12:00-17:00

Photo credit – RWA2 The Perilous Pursuit of a Python (detail) 2013. New Art Gallery Walsall

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