The Paul Foot Award 2013 winner announcement

The Paul Foot Award for Investigative and Campaigning Journalism 2013, worth £5,000, has been won by DAVID COHEN, EVENING STANDARD for his work on gangs, which was part of the Evening Standard’s Frontline London campaign.

A Special Investigation Award of £2,000 was given to THE GUARDIAN’S SNOWDEN TEAM for their investigation into the extent of mass surveillance undertaken by GCHQ.

The other 4 shortlisted campaigns were each awarded £1,000.

Ian Hislop, editor, Private Eye, said: “The results of the Paul Foot Award are a closely kept secret. Unless you work in GCHQ when you presumably have known for weeks. However what is not a secret is how impressive the entries are this year, how resilient investigative journalism is proving to be and how optimistic this made the judges feel. We tried to reflect the impressive range in subject matter by recognising the coverage of both global and local issues, by honouring stories that involved President Obama as well as those that involved youngsters in London, by giving a prize to a whole newspaper as well as one to an extraordinary single journalist.”

Private Eye magazine and The Guardian newspaper set up the award for investigative and campaigning journalism in memory of Paul Foot, the journalist and great campaigner who died in 2004.