Pam Warren’s long-awaited autobiography out today

With great warmth and enormous dignity, Pam Warren’s book about the Paddington Rail Crash and how it dramatically changed her life is a reminder to us all that there are some things we should never forget. She brings humanity to a bitter, life changing experience.”

Sir Trevor McDonald

The harrowing image of Pam Warren’s charred and swollen face encased in a plastic mask rapidly became the grim incarnation of the tragedy that was the Paddington Rail Crash of 1999, in which 31 people lost their lives and 520 were injured.


Almost 15 years since one of the worst UK rail disasters in recent history, Pam Warren, labelled at the time as “the lady in the mask”, tells her inspirational and heart-rending story inFrom Behind the Mask.


Although many may think they know her story, this is the first time Pam has spoken from such a personal perspective. From the memories of a confusing childhood to the highs and lows of her career against a backdrop of 80s consumerism, from the perils of the immediate aftermath of the disaster through to the ensuing years fraught with depression, pain, flashbacks, nightmares, alcoholism, marriage breakdown and suicide attempts, Pam’s story is one of a lady who never gives up despite overwhelming odds.


Starting with her traumatic and graphically detailed personal account of the horrors of the crash, she takes readers on an inspirational journey through the rollercoaster ride of her life. Struck down by tragedy, Pam rose back up thanks to the kindness of others and a rare, internal fighting spirit that has seen her dust herself down and battle on, on countless occasions.
From Behind the Mask reveals a side to Pam that has never been seen before. Her remarkably candid account shows how the crash impacted her life, for better and worse, how it affected the relationships with those closest to her, how it changed the way she views the world, and how it enabled her to reinvent herself and become a new person.

From Behind the Mask by Pam Warren is out now, published in hardback by Biteback