OUT NOW: Tiny Churches by Dixe Wills

Scattered across the country, churches of small proportions have been places of worship, comfort and inspiration for centuries. In Tiny Churches, intrepid traveller Dixe Wills pays homage to 60 of Britain’s loveliest and most diminutive, each one open to the public and so tiny that fewer than 50 people can fit comfortably inside.

From the church in Wiltshire so small that the congregation sit outside during its annual service to the chapel balanced halfway down a remote Pembrokeshire cliff, Dixe traverses the country to discover the fascinating and varied histories of these beautiful buildings, including the church that was once a turkey house, the church that featured in two adaptations of Great Expectations and the churches visited by Mother Teresa and Leo Tolstoy.

Accompanied by contemporary photographs, the book is a visual celebration of church architecture and interiors. From the remarkably preserved 7th- century wooden church in Essex to a self-built creation in a back garden in Sutton, the book highlights the importance of cherishing and preserving these unique buildings and the unexpected treasures held within them: traditional stained glass windows, icon imagery and quirky sculptures and paintings.

Dixe crossed the country from Cornwall to Orkney by boat, train, bicycle and on foot to visit all of the featured churches. Written in his amusing, accessible style and complete with information on opening times and directions via public transport Tiny Churches is the definitive illustrated companion to Britain’s most interesting little churches and the perfect gift for travel, history and heritage enthusiasts.

Dixe Wills is the author of numerous books about Britain’s lesser-known, quirkier side, including Tiny Islands, Tiny Stations and Tiny Campsites. He is also a frequent contributor to The Guardian, writing mainly about eco-friendly travel. He has also written for The Observer, The Ecologist, Green Futures, Landscape, Country Walking and Countryfile Magazine among many others and has several TV and radio appearances to his name. Dixe lives in East London where he tends a small allotment at his local city farm.

Tiny Churches by Dixe Wills is published by AA Publishing in hardback, priced £16.99

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