OUT NOW: Sam Kills Christmas by YouTuber Thomas ‘TomSka’ Ridgewell

Midas PR is delighted to join Sphere in celebrating today’s publication of Sam Kills Christmas, an action-packed, darkly humorous picture book from YouTube sensation TomSka, the creator of asdf movies.

Sam is a small child with a big problem, they HATE Santa. Following a string of thwarted plans, failed booby traps and Santa decoys, this year Sam is taking no prisoners. This Christmas join Sam on their holly-copter to the North Pole on a quest to vanquish that villain once and for all.

From airborne battles with evil elves to fistfights with Ice Queens, Sam bursts into the festive season with more than a few rocket launchers and explosives. They’re determined to obliterate Christmas, but the big question is… will they be able to rid the world of the tyranny of Santa?

Tomska will be signing copies of the book at Forbidden Planet stores in London, Birmingham and Bristol, the perfect opportunity to pick up a copy for your Secret Santa or stocking filler:


Thomas “Tomska” Ridgewell is an “unprofessional comedian/filmmaker” with over 5 million YouTube subscribers, 450k Twitter followers and 200k likes on his Facebook page. This is Thomas’s second book, following the hugely successful Art is Dead: the asdf book based on his series of short “asdf” films which have been viewed more than 300 million times.



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