OUT NOW: The Ocean Liner by Marius Gabriel

Marius Gabriel, winner of the RNA Historical Romance Award 2018, today releases his next title with Lake Union Publishing: The Ocean Liner.

In September 1939, cousins Masha and Rachel Morgenstern board the SS Manhattan bound for New York, leaving behind everything – and everyone – they know in war-torn Europe. America offers a safe haven, but to reach it they must survive an Atlantic crossing fraught with the danger of German U-boats and their lethal torpedoes.

Their only distraction from peril is the drama of life on board. Among their fellow passengers are the composer Igor Stravinsky, making a new start after a decade of personal tragedy; and Rose Kennedy, wife of the US ambassador to London, determined to keep her four young children from harm. And then there’s Thomas, a young Nazi with a secret …

All 1,500 passengers on board are hoping to find a bright future at the end of their perilous journey. But as they discover, fate is not smiling upon them all.

Thoroughly researched, The Ocean Liner is a fictionalised portrayal of some of the real S.S. Manhattan and the stories from The Golden Age of the Ocean Liner. Marius sensitively pays tribute to some of the true tragedies of the period – from the destruction of the S.S. Athenia, the heroics of Commodore Albert ‘Rescue’ Randall, to the events that changed Rose Kennedy’s life forever, Gabriel brings to life a cast of refugees escaping WW2.

About the author

Marius Gabriel served his author apprenticeship as a student at Newcastle University, where, to finance his postgraduate research, he wrote thirty-three steamy romances under the pseudonym Madeleine Kerr. Gabriel is the author of several historical novels, including the bestsellers The Designer, which has just been awarded the Historical Romantic Novel of the Year; The Seventh Moon; The Original Sin; and the Redcliffe Sisters series: Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye and Take Me To Your Heart Again. Born in South Africa, he has lived and worked in many countries including Italy and Spain, and now divides his time between London and Cairo.

Previous praise for Marius Gabriel:

‘keeping you reading while your dinner burns’ Cosmopolitan

“Gabriel is a solid writer who paints his story across a broad canvas of World War II Europe… This fast-paced romantic saga is both compelling and suspenseful; the kind of book where you look up and realize it’s 2 a.m.” Historic Novel Society

“A sexy, hard-to-put-down read from a writer likely to draw an enthusiastic following.” Kirkus Reviews

“a triumph of storytelling. I have read many books by this accomplished author and always been amazed at the depth of research” The Review

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