Notes of a Private Doctor By Dr Robert Lefever

Physician heal thyself… Notes of a Private Doctor is the true story of how one very successful man, celebrity consultant Dr Robert Lefever, did just that as he had to tackle the issues of his most challenging patient ever – himself.

Robert‘s life literally fell apart at the age of 72 when he lost the successful business that he had built up over a 47 year career. Robert talks honestly about the betrayal that led to the collapse of his business, and how he came to terms with it. The loss of his successful property portfolio soon followed.

Soon after this, Robert’s beloved wife died – when he was already at what he thought was his lowest point. Yet he never gave up hope that he would be able to rebuild his life. The basic principles that he used to get his life back on track are featured in this book, and the process of how he did exactly this can benefit all of us.

The book is divided into three clear sections. The first Betrayal, explains the False Beliefs that ultimately led to his bankruptcy. The middle section, Crisis and Creativity, describes how he was forced to consider some of the most difficult decisions of his life at a time when he was in the least fit state to take them. The book’s final section, Bereavement and Belief, tells how Robert overcame the grief of losing his wife, and went on to find love once again.

Everyone in every stage of life will be able to take at least one thing away from Robert’s incredible story of how he overcame adversity and continued to grow, to learn and to enjoy every minute of life in his early seventies. The key that kept him going throughout such difficult times was that he never gave up hope. In Robert’s own words: “Life begins whenever we want it to begin.”

Dr Robert Lefever is regarded as the pioneer of addiction treatment methods in the UK, and has treated over 5,000 inpatients.

He established the very first addiction treatment centre in the UK that offered rehabilitation to eating disorder patients, as well as to those with alcohol or drug problems. He was also the first to treat compulsive gambling, nicotine addiction and workaholism. He has worked with over 5,000 addicts and their families in the last 25 years, including celebrities such as Clarissa Dickson Wright and David Yelland.

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